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Main Hoon Aparajita 03 June 2023 Written Story Update

Main Hoon Aparajita 03 June 2023 Written Story Update On

The episode commences with Disha inquiring of Aparajita how Akshay ended up in a coma. Aparajita responds, mentioning that Akshay performed her Kanyadan (giving her away in marriage), and at that moment, she forgave him and desired to become his daughter once again. Disha expresses her confusion as to why they didn’t inform her about it. Aparajita explains that Disha was not in her right state of mind. Nia chimes in, affirming that she played no part in Mohini’s scheme. Arjun urges Disha to disclose to everyone that she took the wedding vows (Pheras) with him. Disha, unable to recall anything, requests Aparajita to inform everyone about her presence during that time. Dadi points out that no one witnessed who took the Pheras with Arjun.

Arjun asserts that he considers Disha his wife, regardless of whether he took the Pheras with Nia. Disha agrees with his sentiment. Amma advises Arjun against treating marriage as a trivial matter. Aparajita pleads with Arjun to keep his distance from both Disha and Nia until everything is resolved. Chavi intervenes, urging Arjun to heed Aparajita’s plea. Arjun departs from the scene. Chavi receives a phone call, notifying her that she must travel to Mumbai for a 15-day training session related to her job. Chavi expresses her inability to comply with the request at this time. The recruiter informs her that she has 24 hours to provide her final decision, otherwise they will recruit someone else.

Nia encounters Arjun and confesses that the situation is not her fault, pleading for his forgiveness. Arjun, however, points out that her mother is responsible and advises her to confront her mother and resolve the issue. With that, he departs. Determined to find a solution, Nia decides to meet her mother. Meanwhile, Kabir informs Mohini that someone has arrived to see her. Anticipating Aparajita’s arrival, Mohini confidently remarks. Nia arrives at the scene, and Mohini, blaming Aparajita for her current predicament, asks Nia to witness her distress. Refusing to play along, Nia assures Kabir that she will handle the situation and requests five minutes of privacy. Kabir grants her request and exits. Nia confronts Mohini, urging her to cease her manipulative games and questioning her lack of shame in using her own daughter for revenge. Mohini defends her actions, claiming that she took risks for her own future. Nia insists that she cannot find happiness with Arjun until Mohini discloses the truth about Arjun’s marriage. However, Mohini remains silent. Frustrated, Nia condemns Mohini to rot in jail, asserting that she deserves such a fate.

Elsewhere, Asha reads Chavi’s job offer letter and rushes to inform Aparajita. Dadi reassures Disha that time will heal all wounds while feeding her. Aparajita suggests they go out for lunch once Disha has fully recovered. Amma questions what others think about their family, to which Aparajita responds that they must live for themselves. Just then, Asha arrives and reveals Chavi’s job opportunity. Aparajita questions why Chavi didn’t inform them earlier about getting a job at a reputable company. Chavi explains that she didn’t want to leave them and go to Mumbai. Aparajita and the family convince Chavi to accept the training opportunity in Mumbai. Later, Chavi receives a call from Kabir and informs him that both she and Aparajita are going to Mumbai for her training, with her mother returning after dropping her off. Kabir ponders Mohini’s warning and asks Chavi to arrange a meeting with Aparajita once she returns from Mumbai. Chavi agrees, and Mohini’s associate obtains Akshay’s thumb impression on documents as part of Mohini’s scheme. Mohini revels in the belief that darkness will soon envelop Aparajita.

[Episode End]

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