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Main Hoon Aparajita 29 May 2023 Written Story Update

Main Hoon Aparajita 29 May 2023 Written Story Update On

The scene opens with Asmit and Sarika escorting the groom and bride, Nia, onto the stage. Asmit announces to everyone that they are about to introduce Disha to the crowd. Aparajit and Akshay approach Kabir, inquiring about the situation. Kabir explains that it is because of Mohini, who managed to escape from him by throwing a drug on his face. Aparajita mentions that Disha also experienced dizziness, suspecting that it might be due to Mohini’s actions. Kabir reassures them, urging Akshay and Aparajita to attend the reception while he takes care of Mohini. Aparajita instructs Akshay to call the doctor, and he complies.

Addressing the guests, Aparajita explains that they had placed a Gungat (veil) on Disha’s face due to a rash she had developed. Aparajita appeals to the guests, asking them to accept Disha regardless of her condition. Arjun readily agrees.

Arjun removes the Gungat and discovers that Nia is the one behind it, not Disha. The revelation shocks everyone present. Aparajita, bewildered, asks Nia about Disha’s whereabouts. Nia, feeling dizzy, confesses that she cannot proceed with the wedding rituals alongside Arjun. Concerned, Aparajita notices Nia’s condition. Sarika accuses Aparajita and Akshay of deceiving the family, as they had intended to do. Troubled, Aparajita wonders where Disha could be. Akshay escorts Nia to a room, while Aparajita approaches Mohini. She slaps Mohini, demanding to know where Disha is. Kabir intervenes, urging Aparajita to calm down and explain the situation. Aparajita reveals that Disha is missing, and Mohini is the only one who possesses information about her whereabouts. In the midst of the chaos, they hear the arrival of the doctor. Aparajita hurries to Nia’s room to inquire about her well-being. Akshay informs her that the doctor administered an injection to Nia. Aparajita beseeches the doctor to assist them in reviving Mohini’s consciousness. Meanwhile, Arjun and Chsvi embark on a search for Disha.

The doctor examines Mohini and provides the necessary treatment, assuring that she will regain consciousness soon. Aparajita’s impatience grows. Asmit asks the Pandit if he knows who his son is married to, to which the Pandit remarks. Sarika suggests that it would be convenient to take Nia along with them, as they no longer need to wait for Disha.

Akshay roused Mohini from her slumber, urgently inquiring about Disha’s whereabouts. Mohini, with a grave expression, warned that they had a mere two hours to locate Disha. She emphasized that even divine intervention would be futile if they failed within that time frame. Aparajita, brimming with anger, threatened to kill Mohini should any harm befall Disha. Unperturbed, Mohini declared her willingness to embrace death, revealing that she alone possessed the knowledge to save Disha, just as she had stated before. Curious, Akshay inquired about Mohini’s requirements to carry out the rescue. Mohini responded by demanding their participation in Nia’s joyful departure, known as vidaai, warning that Disha’s life hung in the balance. Aparajita expressed outrage at Mohini’s audacity to blackmail them, but Mohini, resolute and fearless, argued that their hands were tied since she had nothing to lose. Kabir, determined to thwart Mohini’s plans, brandished his gun, declaring his intent to confront her. Concerned, Akshay sought confirmation from Kabir, who affirmed his certainty and requested Ritika to shoot Mohini, providing a silencer for the gun. Unfortunately, Ritika’s aim faltered, firing in the wrong direction before ultimately training the weapon on Mohini, instilling fear in her. Aparajita beseeched Kabir for permission to eliminate Mohini, which he granted. Aparajita took aim at Mohini, poised to pull the trigger. In that tense moment, Mohini’s mind raced, recollecting the truth: Disha was concealed within the confines of the house. Frustrated and desperate for answers, Akshay seized Mohini by the throat, demanding she disclose Disha’s location. Mohini’s body succumbed to unconsciousness, leaving Aparajita stunned by the unexpected turn of events.

[Episode End]

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