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Main Hoon Aparajita 09 June 2023 Written Story Update

Main Hoon Aparajita 09 June 2023 Written Story Update On

The episode commences with Dadi fervently praying to God, her heart filled with concern for her beloved family. In her restless slumber, Dadi envisions Mohini stealthily approaching her with a menacing knife. Frightened, Dadi calls out for Aparajita, who promptly rushes to Amma’s chamber, questioning Mohini’s unwarranted presence. Asserting her dominance, Mohini reminds Aparajita that she is the rightful owner of the house, boldly declaring that Dadi’s room now belongs to her. Mohini ruthlessly attempts to oust Dadi from her cherished abode.

However, Aparajita swiftly intervenes, standing as a shield against Mohini’s malicious intentions, and sternly warns her never to harm any member of their family. Undeterred, Mohini scoffs at Aparajita’s words, taunting her by claiming to have already dismissed Mahajan and threatening to drive away all the investors as well. Mocking Aparajita’s capabilities, Mohini brazenly throws down the gauntlet, challenging her to take action.

Deep in thought, Aparajita ponders her next move in their quest for an investor. Mindful of Akshay and Dadi’s well-being, Disha reminds them to exercise caution. At this crucial moment, Asha proposes an ingenious idea—an online presentation video—that could potentially attract investors. Enthusiastically, Aparajita embraces Asha’s suggestion, recognizing its potential to connect them with the right investor.

Asha takes to social media to present her idea, emphasizing the creation of a supportive community for women and their talents. The response is overwhelming, with a tremendous amount of interest shown by nearly 300,000 people who would consider buying houses from Aparajita’s project once completed. Recognizing the enthusiasm, investors decide to fund Aparajita’s venture after witnessing the positive reaction to Asha’s video.

The following day, Aparajita turns to prayer, hoping to find an investor for her project. Coincidentally, Mohini spots Aparajita and immediately contacts Reporter Puskar, urging him to come to her location for a major breaking news story. Meanwhile, investors meet with Aparajita and express their readiness to invest 20 crores in her project, leaving Aparajita elated. Unbeknownst to them, Nia observes the entire encounter from upstairs while Mohini forcefully takes her inside. Sensing the urgency, the investors demand a proper presentation from Aparajita within two hours, leaving her wondering how it could be done in such a short timeframe. One of the investors comments on her concern, but Disha assures them that they will complete the presentation. Asha mentions that Nia already has a rough copy.

Media personnel arrive at Akshay’s house, inquiring about Mohini, as she had invited them. Nia pleads with Mohini to let her support Aparajita instead of causing further disappointment. Mohini dismisses Nia’s pleas and criticizes her for not emulating Aparajita’s behavior as a mother. Nia defends Aparajita, declaring her love for her. Mohini accuses Aparajita of manipulating Nia’s feelings, but Nia maintains her loyalty towards Aparajita. The media personnel discuss Mohini’s impending announcement of significant news, and soon, Mohini descends the stairs with Nia, who is dressed in a saree. Mohini invites Aparajita to join them, claiming that it’s time for everyone to discover whom Arjun was married to. Mohini pressures Nia to reveal the truth, using the threat of publicly humiliating Aparajita and casting her out of the house. Nia reluctantly admits that she was married to Arjun, shocking Aparajita and Disha. Mohini triumphantly asserts that it is now evident that Nia is Arjun’s wife.

Aparajita confronts Nia, questioning whether Mohini blackmailed her. She pleads with Mohini not to ruin her daughter’s life, but Mohini dismisses Aparajita’s moral lectures and insists that Arjun must accept Nia. Just then, Asmit arrives, and Mohini warmly welcomes him. Aparajita urges Mohini to stop her theatrics and asks Nia to explain what transpired. Nia reveals that Mohini will seize control of the house unless she complies with her demands. Aparajita insists that it’s merely Mohini’s ploy and questions why she would blackmail her own daughter. She reveals that Mohini called the media to the house, but Aparajita has a countermeasure in the form of a court order that prevents their eviction. She asserts that it’s now time for everyone to discover the truth about Arjun’s choice of spouse, backed by irrefutable evidence. Mohini anxiously ponders the nature of the proof Aparajita possesses.

[Episode End]

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