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Main Hoon Aparajita 19 June 2023 Written Story Update

Main Hoon Aparajita 19 June 2023 Written Story Update On

The Episode Starts with Mohini pondering over the fact that Aparajita won’t be able to locate Asha. On the other hand, Aparajita speculates that Asha might be present in Mohini’s room, prompting her to return and conduct a thorough search there. Meanwhile, Mohini decides to contact her brother in order to proceed with their next plan. However, upon realizing that her phone is missing, Mohini suspects that it may have fallen near the closet where she had restrained Asha.

Caught off guard by the vibrating sound of the phone, Aparajita presumes that Asha might be nearby. Inquisitive about Mohini’s unresponsiveness, Nia questions Manish and proceeds to call Mohini once again. At that moment, Mohini is on the verge of returning to her room when she is intercepted by Disha, who demands to know Asha’s whereabouts. Seizing the opportunity, Aparajita contacts Disha to inform her that she has found Asha. Disha promptly leaves Mohini and alerts Arjun before heading to Mohini’s room.

Aparajita unlocks the closet and successfully rescues Asha, resulting in an emotional embrace between the two. Asha confesses her ignorance regarding Mohini’s conspiracy and apologizes to Aparajita. Spotting Aparajita’s success in saving Asha, Mohini attempts to strike Asha with a stick, but Aparajita courageously intervenes. Mohini’s blow lands on the back of Aparajita’s head, leaving her injured. Undeterred, Mohini tries once again to harm Asha, but Disha steps in to prevent her. In her desperation, Mohini pushes Disha away. Quick-witted Asha pulls the carpet, causing Mohini to slip and fall onto the edge of the bed, resulting in a head injury. Blood begins to flow from Mohini’s wound, and upon checking her breath, Disha declares to Aparajita that Mohini is dead. Concerned, Aparajita urges Disha to call an ambulance, but Disha explains that they cannot do so as it would attract the attention of the police. Overwhelmed with guilt, Asha believes she is responsible for Mohini’s demise. Aparajita consoles Asha, who fears the consequences of going to jail. In the midst of the chaos, Disha picks up Mohini’s ringing phone, revealing that Nia is calling. Faced with the grim reality, Asha expresses her reluctance to face imprisonment, while Aparajita contemplates how they should handle the situation with Nia. Aparajita suggests contacting the police, but Disha, mindful of their inability to prove their innocence, closes the windows and dismisses the idea, acknowledging that although Mohini’s death was accidental, no one will believe their side of the story.

Nia is consumed with worry as Mohini fails to answer her phone. Concerned, she implores Manish to call Mohini. Manish obliges and attempts to reach her. Meanwhile, Aparajita resolves to divulge the truth to Nia. However, Disha objects, stating that they cannot risk sharing the truth. Disha becomes aware of Manish’s call to Mohini and takes immediate action by discreetly draping Mohini’s lifeless body with a blanket.

Manish reports to Nia that Mohini is not answering his call. In response, Nia determines to visit Mohini’s residence and investigate. Frustrated and anxious, Manish warns that if any harm befalls his sister, he will ensure all of them are sent to jail.

Aparajita resolves to disclose the truth to everyone. Disha voices her concerns, questioning what they would do if the police refuse to believe them. She insists that she cannot bear to see Aparajita and Asha imprisoned. Taking matters into her own hands, Disha vows to shoulder the blame for Mohini’s demise. Perplexed, Aparajita questions Disha’s sanity. While Disha observes Nia calling Mohini, Aparajita realizes that they must reveal the truth to Nia, as Mohini is her mother.

Noticing Dadi sleeping, Arjun discreetly closes the door. Nia arrives and questions Arjun about his unresponsiveness to her calls, also inquiring about Asha’s whereabouts. Arjun requests her presence, and they approach a closed room, knocking on its door. Arjun anxiously inquires about Asha, prompting Aparajita to reveal that Asha is with them. Arjun pleads for them to open the door, but Disha intervenes, preventing Aparajita from doing so, claiming that Nia is not prepared to handle the truth at this moment. Nia demands to know what they are doing inside and if Asha is safe. Tearfully, Aparajita confirms Asha’s safety but breaks down upon seeing Mohini’s lifeless body.

[Episode End]

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