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Main Hoon Aparajita 16 June 2023 Written Story Update

Main Hoon Aparajita 16 June 2023 Written Story Update On

The Episode Starts with Aparajita arrives home accompanied by Arjun, Nia, and Disha. Amma inquires about the outcome of the meeting, prompting Aparajita to respond positively, stating that the submission of all necessary paperwork went smoothly. She anticipates receiving the funds within the next 3-4 days. Curious, Disha asks about their plans regarding Mohini. Consequently, they proceed to Mohini’s room. Aparajita declares that their task is accomplished and requests Mohini’s release. Disha, on the other hand, suggests teaching Mohini a lesson for causing them so much trouble. Instructing the snake catcher, Disha directs him to play loud music, causing Mohini to scream in terror. Observing Mohini’s distress, Asha smiles. Aparajita reassures Mohini, disclosing that the snake is not venomous and emphasizes that she could never stoop to Mohini’s level.

Mohini notices Asha’s sinister grin and issues a threat. Aparajita confronts Mohini, asserting her authority as a mother and demanding an explanation for her audacity to threaten her daughter in her presence. Undeterred, Mohini vows to prove her words. She proceeds to mock Nia for trapping her, prompting Nia to retort that Mohini deserves the consequences of her actions. Nia emphasizes the stark contrast between Aparajita’s unconditional love for her daughters and Mohini’s exploitation of her own daughter for personal gain. Mohini, in a fit of anger, severs ties, declaring Nia dead to her. She ominously predicts that the following day, Nia’s birthday, will be filled with remorse for everyone in the household, and then she exits.

Aparajita inquires Nia about whether tomorrow is her birthday, and Arjun confirms it. Aparajita expresses her intention to celebrate Nia’s birthday. However, Asha reveals her inability to join the celebration due to her participation in a competition.

The following day, Aparajita joyfully wishes Nia a happy birthday. Nia, feeling nostalgic, mentions missing Akshay, prompting Aparajita to console her. Everyone in the vicinity extends their birthday wishes to Nia, and she gratefully acknowledges their gestures before heading off to meet Akshay. Meanwhile, Asha, realizing that it is the day of the contest finals, decides to switch off her phone as well. Aparajita, sensing the situation, advises everyone to stay at home. Asha anxiously awaits Chavi’s return, but to her surprise, Mohini, pretending to be Chavi, contacts her and urges her to leave for the competition. Asha deceives Aparajita by claiming she needs to retrieve a notebook from her friend’s place and departs. Observing an ominous sign, Aparajita becomes worried.

Asha arrives at the competition venue and consumes a bowl of Mirchi in hopes of winning the round. Aparajita confides in Disha, expressing concern over Asha’s failure to return home and her unreachable phone. Disha takes the initiative to contact Asha’s friends. Dadi raises the suspicion of Mohini’s involvement in Asha’s disappearance. Disha decides to investigate Mohini’s room, but to no avail. Disha confirms that Mohini is still absent. In the meantime, Nia visits Manish’s house to search for Asha.

Eventually, Mohini returns home, and Aparajita questions her about Asha’s whereabouts. Mohini cryptically reveals that Asha is alive and shows a video of Asha consuming mirchi and desperately crying for water. Aparajita demands to know where Asha is, and Mohini asserts that Asha believes she is playing a game, oblivious to Mohini’s sinister plan. Disha warns Mohini against harming Asha, but Mohini counter-threatens them, demanding they search for Asha instead of wasting time. Aparajita questions why Mohini is punishing Asha, to which Mohini coldly responds that she is punishing Aparajita by making her witness her daughter’s death. Meanwhile, the event organizer informs Asha that the next round will be more challenging, but Asha resolutely declares her refusal to give up. Mohini implores Aparajita to save her daughter, and Aparajita firmly vows to protect her. Mohini wishes her luck and departs, leaving Aparajita to contemplate where she should begin searching for Asha.

[Episode End]

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