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Main Hoon Aparajita 24 May 2023 Written Story Update

Main Hoon Aparajita 24 May 2023 Written Story Update On

The episode commences with Akshay revealing to Aparajita that Mohini is responsible for everything that has transpired. Concerned about finding a new caterer within a limited timeframe, Akshay asks where they can find one. Aparajita admits that she is uncertain. In a show of solidarity, the ladies from the neighborhood offer to prepare the food themselves and give the NRIs a taste of traditional cuisine. Grateful for their support, Aparajita and Akshay express their gratitude. Kalpana and the neighborhood ladies set off to start preparing the food. Aparajita assures Akshay that the food will be taken care of and emphasizes the need to put an end to Mohini’s actions. She instructs Disha to go upstairs for a while, prompting Disha to tearfully question why her function can’t proceed without any drama. Aparajita reassures her that everything will be fine and asks Chavi to accompany Disha in the room, urging her not to let Disha be alone. Chavi agrees and escorts Disha upstairs. Meanwhile, Nia resolves to locate Mohini and put a stop to her plans.

Akshay diligently scours the area in search of Mohini, determined to find her. Unbeknownst to him, Mohini cleverly conceals herself within a hand cart, her eyes fixed on Akshay as he continues his quest. Meanwhile, tears well up in Disha’s eyes as she confides in Chavi, expressing her deep concern. Sensing her distress, Chavi offers words of comfort, assuring her that everything will be alright.

However, Disha’s worries escalate when she starts feeling an incessant itching sensation. Concerned, Chavi notices a rash forming on Disha’s face and inquires about its cause. Curious herself, Disha gazes at her reflection in the mirror, questioning the appearance of the unexpected rashes. Seeking to alleviate her fears, Chavi advises Disha not to fret, encouraging her to cleanse her face and assuring her that she will reapply lotion and makeup to restore her confidence.

Unbeknownst to them, Nia becomes aware of Mohini’s presence within the hidden confines of the hand cart. Determined to expose Mohini’s actions, Nia quietly trails her, following her every move until they reach a secluded room. With conviction in her voice, Nia confronts Mohini, declaring her intention to inform both Aparajita and Akshay about her misdeeds. In response, Mohini cunningly admits to intentionally leading Nia to the room, revealing her sinister plan while vowing to prevent Nia from ruining it. Before Nia can react, Mohini swiftly administers an injection, rendering her unconscious.

Meanwhile, Chavi urgently notifies Aparajita, informing her of Disha’s urgent need for assistance due to the rashes on her face. Emerging from her room, Disha realizes that her dupatta is missing, causing further distress. Aparajita and Chavi enter Disha’s room, joining her in the search for the missing garment. Unbeknownst to them, Mohini seizes the opportunity, placing Disha’s dupatta around Nia’s shoulders, intent on derailing Disha’s impending marriage and ensuring her own daughter, Arjun, becomes the chosen bride. Adding to the subterfuge, Chavi applies tampered makeup powder to Disha’s face once again, while Mohini skillfully transforms Nia’s appearance to resemble Disha’s.

As the search for the missing dupatta continues, Aparajita begins to suspect Mohini’s involvement in the baffling disappearance. Mohini, furthering her malicious intentions, callously discards the dupatta in the corridor, solidifying her plan’s trajectory.

Shubham approaches Aparajita, handing her the dupatta and the letter he found in the corridor. Chavi reads Nia’s letter, which reveals Nia’s acknowledgement of her own defeat. Nia confesses to catching Mohini sneaking into the house and recognizes that Mohini deserves to be imprisoned for her actions. However, Nia is concerned about the potential damage it would cause to their family’s reputation. Therefore, Nia devises a plan to take Mohini away by extracting a solemn promise from her. Nia apologizes to Aparajita for not being present at the wedding ceremony. Akshay, troubled by Nia’s letter, anxiously attempts to call her.

Kalpana arrives hurriedly, urging Aparajita and Akshay to expedite their actions as the auspicious time is running out. Chavi questions how they can bring Disha downstairs with her developing rashes. Akshay informs Kalpana that Nia has left the house, leaving him perplexed about Mohini’s involvement in Nia’s departure. Kalpana reminds Akshay that it is actually the other way around—Nia has taken Mohini away—and commends Nia’s selfless sacrifice. Kalpana suggests they proceed with taking Disha downstairs since everyone is waiting. Aparajita notices that the rashes on Disha’s face are worsening and promptly calls the doctor to seek advice on the matter. Kalpana reminds Akshay that they should bring Disha downstairs for the rituals. Aparajita ponders the challenge of taking Disha downstairs in her current condition.

[Episode End]

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