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Main Hoon Aparajita 18 June 2023 Written Story Update

Main Hoon Aparajita 18 June 2023 Written Story Update On

The Episode Starts with Aparajita pleading with Mohini to release Asha. Mohini coldly retorts, challenging Aparajita to save her daughter if she can. Desperate, Aparajita takes drastic measures, throwing mud onto the scorching coals before bravely stepping upon them, enduring excruciating pain as she cries out. Mohini revels in her misery, finding satisfaction in Aparajita’s torment. However, to Aparajita’s dismay, Asha is nowhere to be found, and she becomes ensnared, bound tightly by a rope. Mohini smugly declares that Asha is absent, confessing her deception of Nia, knowing that Nia would relay the information to Aparajita.

Meanwhile, the event organizer announces the rules for the next round to Asha through a microphone. Aparajita implores Mohini, her voice filled with desperation, to spare her daughter. Mohini, driven by vengeance, taunts Aparajita, recounting the terrifying incident involving a snake and revealing that now it is Asha’s turn to face danger in the form of scorpions. Mohini cruelly informs Aparajita that she can save Asha only if she can determine her daughter’s location. Suddenly, Aparajita hears an alarm emanating from a video featuring Asha, and she discerns the whereabouts of her daughter. Yet, Aparajita remains trapped, pondering how to free herself from the ropes that bind her. Mohini, reveling in her sadistic plans, declares that this time both Aparajita and Asha will meet their demise.

Meanwhile, Asha pleads with her captors to turn off the fan. The anchor explains that Asha must manually switch off the fan to win the round, but if she injures her hand in the process, scorpions will attack her. Overwhelmed by fear, Asha breaks down in tears.

In the midst of this distressing situation, Aparajita implores Mohini to cease this torturous game. Disha manages to track Asha’s phone’s IP address, expressing gratitude to Rohan for his assistance. Together, Disha and Arjun rush to the location.

Unaware of the unfolding events, Mohini questions the organizer about Asha’s failure to stop the fan. Concerned, the organizer assesses Asha and reveals that she has lost consciousness. Sharing this news with Mohini, the organizer suggests putting the game on hold. Distracted by the situation, Mohini fails to notice Aparajita’s actions. Seizing the opportunity, Aparajita acquires a burning piece of charcoal and sets fire to the rope, liberating herself from her restraints. She quickly throws gunny sacks onto the burning coals and endeavors to escape from the treacherous setting. Witnessing Aparajita’s escape, Mohini hastily commands the security team to apprehend her. In a tense moment, the security guard aims a gun at Aparajita’s head. Swiftly, Aparajita hurls mud into the guard’s eyes, blinding him momentarily, and manages to flee from the vicinity, leaving Mohini seething with anger.

Disha and Arjun discover that they have arrived at the laundry shop, and to their surprise, Aparajita joins them there. In an attempt to gain access, Arjun and Aparajita try to break the locks. Perplexed, Disha questions Aparajita about Mohini’s motive for hiding Asha in such a place. Aparajita explains that Mohini anticipated their disbelief as they had recently sold the laundry and would never suspect her to hide Asha there. Astonished, Mohini couldn’t believe that Aparajita had managed to locate this hideout.

Meanwhile, Asha regains consciousness, only to be confronted by the organizer who warns her that she will be eliminated unless she can stop the fan. Desperate, Asha hears Aparajita’s voice and attempts to call out to her, but Mohini swiftly covers Asha’s mouth. Determined, Mohini instructs her men to remove both the scorpion and the fan. Seizing the opportunity, Arjun successfully breaks the locks, but to their disappointment, Aparajita, Arjun, and Disha find neither Asha nor Mohini inside the laundry.

Unbeknownst to them, Mohini seizes Asha and sneaks out through the back door. Along the way, Asha injures her hand, leaving a trail of blood behind. Mohini brings Asha to Aparajita’s house, taking her to Mohini’s room. Despite her predicament, Asha attempts to make sounds to attract Dadi’s attention. Following the blood trail, Dadi discovers it and follows it to Aparajita’s location.

Dadi informs Aparajita that the blood trail leads to Mohini’s room. Concerned, Aparajita, Arjun, and Disha trace the trail while Dadi almost stumbles but is caught by Arjun. Aparajita and Disha search Mohini’s room but come up empty-handed. Disha decides to search other rooms, leaving Aparajita with the belief that Asha may still be in Mohini’s room.

Inside the closet, Asha is shown bound and gagged. Aparajita notices blood droplets on the floor and becomes hopeful. Meanwhile, Nia calls Mohini, urging her to join them as she is running late. Aparajita hears the phone ringing and suspects that Asha might be nearby.

[Episode End]

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