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Main Hoon Aparajita 13 June 2023 Written Story Update

Main Hoon Aparajita 13 June 2023 Written Story Update On

The Episode Starts with Asha giving Aparajita a soothing head massage. Disha suggests accompanying Aparajita to collect the cheque from Sahani, but Nia, considering Aparajita’s recent marriage, insists on going with her instead. However, Aparajita expresses her desire to go alone and requests them to handle Mohini at home. Disha questions why Sahani wants a physical meeting when he could simply transfer the amount online. Aparajita explains that Sahani mentioned some paperwork that needs to be completed. Nia admires Aparajita’s willingness to undertake any task without complaints. The trio then proposes a dance night for Aparajita, who initially declines, but eventually gives in to their insistence and joins them, joyfully dancing together. Unbeknownst to them, Mohini observes their happiness, harboring dark intentions for Aparajita’s future.

Later on, Asha reads the instructions for a competition and finds herself torn about whether to participate in the online contest finals. At that moment, Mohini calls her by the name Chavi and motivates Asha to take part in the contest. Influenced by Mohini’s words, Asha agrees. Mohini anticipates the upcoming day to bring darkness into Aparajita’s life.

Before leaving for work, Aparajita talks to the unconscious Akshay, sharing her fears and apprehensions about handling his business. She expresses her hope for his speedy recovery and reassures him that she will take care of the household responsibilities until then. Aparajita bids him farewell and leaves for work.

Aparajita anxiously waits for Sahani in his office, while Mohini meticulously does her makeup. Asha and Disha share amused smiles upon seeing Mohini. Suddenly, Mohini starts feeling an intense itching sensation and ponders over the cause of her rashes and the burning sensation on her face. The truth unfolds as it is revealed that Asha had swapped Mohini’s face powder with something else. Seizing the opportunity, Disha and Asha enter Mohini’s room, with Disha declaring that it’s a tit-for-tat for what Mohini had done to her. Fueled with anger, Mohini vows not to let them get away with it.

Meanwhile, Sahiba meets Aparajita in his office and presents her with a cheque of 50 lakhs. However, Aparajita deems it insufficient and insists on receiving immediate cash. Sahani promptly contacts his associate, who arrives with a suitcase full of cash. Sahani urges Aparajita to accept two crores in cash, but she insists on receiving a cheque instead. In the midst of this, Nia, Disha, and Asha call Aparajita, who picks up the call. They inquire if she received the cheque, to which Aparajita replies that Sahani offered her two crores in cash, but she declined. Nia reassures her that such situations are common in business, and Disha suggests Aparajita call Tripathi to confirm if he accepts cash payments. Aparajita agrees and proceeds to call Tripathi, who confirms his willingness to accept cash and advises her to hold onto it. Aparajita ultimately decides to accept the money as offered by Sahani.

Meanwhile, Disha and Asha playfully tease Mohini. Suddenly, Mohini receives a call and excuses herself to answer it. Disha notices Sahani’s name flashing on Mohini’s mobile screen.

Later, Aparajita returns home with the suitcase full of money, pondering where she should keep it. She prays to God, entrusting the safety of the money to divine intervention. Downstairs, Disha reveals to Aparajita that Mr. Sahani is connected to Mohini, as she witnessed him calling Mohini. Aparajita wonders why Mr. Sahani would provide them with money if he is associated with Mohini. As they discuss this revelation, the doorbell rings, and Disha goes to answer it. To their surprise, the IT department officials stand at the door, stating that they received information about Aparajita’s involvement in circulating counterfeit currency in her business. Noticing the suitcase, the IT department insists on inspecting it, leading Aparajita to comply and open it. They examine the currency notes and promptly declare them as counterfeit. Mohini, reveling in her success, believes that Aparajita has finally fallen into her trap. The IT department remarks on Aparajita’s predicament, asserting that she will be facing imprisonment for her actions.

[Episode End]

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