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Main Hoon Aparajita 30 May 2023 Written Story Update

Main Hoon Aparajita 30 May 2023 Written Story Update On

The episode begins with Aparajita aiming a gun at Mohini, threatening her. Fearing for her life, Mohini pleads with Aparajita not to harm her and discloses that Disha is somewhere inside the house. In a fit of rage, Akshay grabs Mohini by the neck, demanding to know Disha’s whereabouts. Mohini loses consciousness. Observing her condition, Kabir assumes that the shock caused her to faint. He instructs Ritika to stay with Mohini while they both go outside to search for Disha.

Meanwhile, Sarika and the other guests mock Asmit’s choice of partner and ridicule Akshay’s family. Dadi intervenes, reprimanding them for making fun of others during their difficult times. Kalpana consoles Dadi and Asmit requests her to take care of his grandmother, leading Kalpana to escort Dadi away from the situation.

As Akshay and Aparajita search the house, they fail to find Disha. Realizing that they need to provide an explanation to Asmit, Akshay suggests that they must first determine whom Arjun is married to. At that moment, Arjun arrives and reveals that he is indeed married to Disha. He sets out to search for her. Puzzled by the turn of events, Akshay expresses his confusion to Aparajita, questioning when Mohini managed to switch the bride. He wonders if it’s even possible. Aparajita suggests reviewing the video recording of the wedding ceremony to find answers.

Chavi tearfully implores Kabir to urgently search for her sister. Kabir, understanding her emotional state, offers her comfort and reassurance. Meanwhile, Aparajita and Akshay arrive at the venue with the intention of reviewing the recorded video footage. Asmit interjects, urging them to postpone Nia’s Vidaai ceremony since she is wearing a mangal sutra crafted by her family’s trusted goldsmith, which has been verified. Aparajita and Akshay express their inability to proceed with the Vidaai until they locate Disha, urging everyone to be patient. In the midst of these events, Sarika pulls Asmit aside and shares some information with him.

Aparajita and Akshay approach the videographer, requesting to view the footage of the wedding pheras. However, unbeknownst to them, Mohini’s accomplice discreetly switches the data card, resulting in the loss of the wedding video footage. Aparajita and Akshay are disheartened by this discovery. Meanwhile, Kabir, who was on the brink of finding Disha, receives a call from one of his team members and abruptly departs from the scene. Aparajita notices the waiter, who she suspects to be associated with Mohini, and realizes that they have neglected to search the kitchen. With this realization, they swiftly head to the kitchen, where they discover Disha trapped inside a drum. They carefully rescue her, but Akshay notices the absence of her pulse, causing concern. Aparajita immediately performs CPR, and eventually, Disha starts to breathe again. Akshay swiftly carries Disha to a nearby room for further attention.

The doctor examines Disha and explains that her cardiac arrest was a result of suffocation. However, Aparajita managed to save her by administering CPR. The doctor commends Aparajita for her quick actions, saying, “Good job, Aparajita ji.” Aparajita, concerned for both her daughters, inquires about their well-being. Reassuringly, the doctor responds that they will be fine and advises them to wait for Disha and Nia to regain consciousness.

Meanwhile, Asmit approaches Aparajita and Akshay, expressing his desire to speak with them. They step outside to talk. Asmit informs them that he plans to depart with his guests and explains that the farewell ceremony (Vidaai) will take place at a later time. Aparajita mentions that Disha also has a mangal sutra, indicating her marriage. However, Asmit disregards her comment, suggesting that they make a decision once both Nia and Disha regain consciousness. Akshay agrees, and Asmit departs from the scene.

Perplexed, Aparajita questions Akshay’s reluctance to believe that Disha and Arjun are married. Just then, Dadi arrives and supports Akshay’s standpoint, stating that he has acted correctly. She emphasizes that it is essential to ascertain the truth about Arjun’s marriage before making any decisions, ensuring fairness to all the daughters.

[Episode End]

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