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Kundali Bhagya 06 June 2023 Written Story Update

Kundali Bhagya 06 June 2023 Written Story Update On HindiTvGhar.com

The episode Starts with Karan making up his mind to have a conversation with Rajveer regarding Preeta. He attempts to contact Shaurya, but receives no response. Determined, he approaches Shaurya in person and acquires Rajveer’s phone number from him before leaving. Shaurya, in the presence of Sandy, suggests referring to his father as an old man. However, Sandy reminds him that Karan Luthra still has numerous admirers. Shaurya insists that Karan not be praised in his presence.

Meanwhile, Karan dials Rajveer’s number and interrogates him about Preeta’s whereabouts. He asserts that he spotted Rajveer with Preeta and emphasizes that Preeta is his wife. Karan demands an explanation for Rajveer’s connection with Preeta. Rajveer is taken aback by this revelation but feigns ignorance, claiming he couldn’t hear anything, and abruptly terminates the call.

Rajveer turns to Palki and questions why Preeta is present in the Luthra house. Palki confesses that she divulged everything to Preeta, disregarding her promise. Understanding Palki’s reasons, Rajveer reminds her of the significance of her vow. However, Palki admits her betrayal, acknowledging why she revealed the truth to Preeta. At that moment, Mohit contacts Rajveer, inquiring about the progress of their plan. Rajveer responds that he currently lacks a plan. Suddenly, an idea strikes him, and he abruptly ends the call. Instructing Palki to leave the house with Preeta, he enters the premises with a resolve to sever the microphone wire, preventing Shaurya from delivering his speech.

Preeta caught sight of him and decided to trail him discreetly. However, in her pursuit, she accidentally collided with a waiter, causing her to quickly apologize for the mishap. It dawned on the waiter that Karan had been inquiring about Preeta, prompting him to disclose this information to Karan. Meanwhile, Rajveer was on the lookout for a wire cutter, as his search intensified. Concerned about the consequences of being spotted, Preeta fretted that their presence there might lead to trouble. Eventually, Rajveer successfully located the wire cutter and departed from the scene, unknowingly leaving Preeta behind. To prevent any interruption, he locked the door from the outside without realizing Preeta was still inside.

The waiter informed Karan that he had spotted Preeta heading towards the servant quarters. Back at the door, Preeta made unsuccessful attempts to open it, leading her to misunderstand that Rajveer was still inside. Consequently, she decided to enter the room, only to find herself in a predicament when her room’s curtains accidentally caught fire.

Elsewhere, Rakhi encountered Shaurya and Saniya together on a bed. Shaurya noticed Rakhi’s presence and admonished her, asserting his need for privacy. Rakhi, however, expressed her disapproval, stating that his actions were inappropriate. Shaurya, confident in his decisions, reminded Rakhi that he was not a child and knew what he was doing. He proceeded to lock the door from the inside, asserting his desire for solitude.

Observing Rakhi’s distress, Kareena shared that she had also seen Preeta. Intrigued by Rakhi’s tears, Kareena inquired about the cause. In response, Rakhi disclosed the disturbing events unfolding in the house and emphasized that only Preeta could put an end to it. Rakhi speculated that Rudraksh must be with Preeta and reasoned that there must be a significant reason for Preeta’s absence, urging them to uncover it. She further emphasized that Shaurya needed Preeta’s presence. Concerned, Kareena pledged their united efforts to resolve the situation.

Meanwhile, Rajveer continued his quest, now searching for a microphone wire. The event manager expressed his dissatisfaction with Shaurya’s decision to assign Rajveer as a waiter. In response, Shaurya, asserting his authority, reminded Sandy that it was his house, and he could exercise his discretion as he pleased. As Rajveer attempted to cut the microphone wire, Shaurya unexpectedly caught sight of him.

[Episode End]

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