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Kundali Bhagya 31 May 2023 Written Story Update

Kundali Bhagya 31 May 2023 Written Story Update On HindiTvGhar.com

The episode commences with Rajveer revealing to Palki that Shaurya is the mastermind behind all the recent incidents. He even suspects that Shaurya was responsible for Palki’s kidnapping. Rajveer asserts that their common adversary is none other than Shaurya. Concerned for Palki’s well-being, he advises her to go inside and rest. Palki expresses her gratitude and heads indoors. Subsequently, Rajveer contacts Shaurya and informs him that he has deciphered his plans. Rajveer boldly asserts that he will snatch away Shaurya’s happiness. In a mocking tone, Shaurya taunts Rajveer, insinuating that he is fearful, and bursts into laughter. Unperturbed, Rajveer asserts that Shaurya will soon regret his misdeeds and terminates the call. Shaurya boasts to his friends that he has emerged victorious, as evidenced by Rajveer’s evident frustration.

Shailendra extends his gratitude to Rajveer for his unwavering support. Rajveer reminds him that they are family and such thanks are unnecessary. He apologizes for his previous statement about Ketan not being suitable for Palki and reassures Shailendra that they will find a suitable groom for her, urging him not to worry. Preeta arrives at the scene and advises Shailendra to take care of himself. She conveys her apologies on behalf of Rajveer and departs.

Rajveer inquires of Preeta why she is angry with him. Preeta responds by asking if he truly believes he is not at fault. Mohit intervenes, recounting how Rajveer had proven Palki’s innocence. Preeta clarifies that her anger does not stem from the issue of the photographs. Instead, she asserts that Rajveer should not have kept Palki’s kidnapping a secret. If everyone had been informed about the kidnapping, they would have understood the situation and refrained from accusing Palki.

Preeta expresses her disappointment that Rajveer had not informed her at least. Rajveer explains that he did not want to burden her with stress. He claims that Shaurya is behind everything. Preeta acknowledges that Shaurya overreacted but advises Rajveer to stay focused on the current topic. Rajveer admits his mistake in concealing Palki’s kidnapping from Preeta. She nods in acknowledgement and retreats indoors. Gurpreet reassures Rajveer that the situation is to blame, and he need not worry about anything.

Palki recalls how Rajveer had proven her innocence, and Mahi brings Daljeet to her. Daljeet questions Palki’s actions, expressing disappointment in her behavior. Palki denies the accusations, insisting it’s not true. Daljeet laments that they can’t face anyone, while Shailendra urges her to stop. Daljeet questions him as to why everyone is blaming Palki.

Shailendra firmly believes that no parent intentionally provides a wrongful upbringing for their child. He goes on to disclose that Rajveer managed to prove Palki’s innocence, and even Ketan expressed his willingness to marry her. Daljeet becomes elated upon hearing this news and insists that Palki should indeed marry Ketan. However, Shailendra counters by stating that Ketan is not deserving of Palki, and that is why he opposed the marriage. Daljeet scolds Shailendra for heeding Rajveer’s advice, but Palki interjects and declares that she will not marry Ketan, supporting Rajveer’s decision. Daljeet proceeds to speak ill of Rajveer, but Palki sternly requests her not to say anything derogatory about him. Palki emphasizes that Rajveer has always been her savior and storms off inside. Daljeet is left perplexed and questions why everyone is rallying behind Rajveer.

Meanwhile, Shaurya enters his room and expresses his belief that Palki deserves all the turmoil she is currently experiencing due to her past actions. He assumes that both Palki and Rajveer must be feeling remorseful and upset.

[Episode End]

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