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Kundali Bhagya 23 June 2023 Written Story Update

Kundali Bhagya 23 June 2023 Written Story Update On HindiTvGhar.com

The Episode Starts With a police inspector revealing that someone from the Luthra family had hired AK to carry out a murder, as claimed by Raja. Rakhi confides in Kareena, expressing her reluctance to see Rajveer getting arrested. Kareena argues that Rajveer has committed a grave crime and advises Rakhi not to go against the family. It becomes apparent that Rakhi harbors affection for Rajveer while holding animosity towards Shaurya. Rakhi assures Kareena that her feelings are more complicated than they seem. Just then, Girish interrupts their conversation, informing them that the police have apprehended Raja. Nidhi, determined to take action, attempts to contact Aarohi but receives no response.

Meanwhile, Palki, the doctor attending to Raja, expresses confusion over his unconscious state despite his normal blood pressure. Shaurya accuses Palki of being a fake doctor and urges the police inspector to arrest her. In a surprising turn of events, Rajveer playfully tickles Raja, causing him to regain consciousness. Raja admits to feigning unconsciousness, prompting the police inspector to physically assault him, demanding the truth. Mahesh intervenes, suggesting that Raja may have had another motive for his actions due to their ongoing enmity. He then questions Rishabh about the whereabouts of Karan.

Concerned, Rishabh visits the guest room only to discover that Karan is missing. Nidhi appears and fabricates a story, claiming that Karan left to meet someone. Rishabh requests Nidhi to inform him when Karan returns and departs from the room. Suspicious of Nidhi’s words, he suspects that Karan might have gone to the outhouse to rescue Preeta. Coincidentally, Nidhi shares the same suspicion and heads towards the outhouse. Just as she arrives, Rishabh appears on the scene. Nidhi quickly lies to him, stating that she came to check on the status of the outhouse. Rishabh escorts her away from there, unaware of her ulterior motives.

Mahesh confronts Raja, asserting that the deep love between the members of the Luthra family makes it impossible for anyone from their household to hire him for a murderous act. Overwhelmed by his emotions, Mahesh slaps Raja, prompting a violent retaliation from him. Witnessing this, Rajveer and Shaurya step in and swiftly overpower Raja, defending their family. Just then, Rishabh arrives at the scene and intervenes, urging them to let the police handle the situation. Rajveer and Shaurya inform everyone that Raja had attacked Dadu, leaving everyone shocked by the revelation.

Rishabh promptly informs the police inspector that their driver is waiting for them, effectively sending the police away. He emphasizes to Rajveer and Shaurya the importance of respecting the law in the presence of law enforcement officers. With a sense of justice, Rishabh takes matters into his own hands and begins to physically reprimand Raja, receiving support from the other Luthra men.

However, before Raja can disclose the identity of the real culprit, Nidhi interrupts, asserting that they should not trust his words and leave the matter to the police. Palki suggests examining Raja’s phone, a suggestion that earns praise from Rishabh. Taking action, Rishabh checks Raja’s call history and discovers a number belonging to AK. He dials the unidentified number while Nidhi pretends to faint, causing Rishabh and Shaurya to rush to her aid and position her in a chair. As Rishabh searches the phone for evidence, the police return and take Raja into custody. Nidhi informs the Luthras that Shaurya believes Rajveer should face fair punishment, which prompts Palki to express that although Rajveer’s actions were wrong, his intentions were not. Nidhi forcefully drags Rajveer away from the scene.

Meanwhile, AK locks Preeta inside the outhouse, driven by the urgency to complete his task before Nidhi withdraws her assistance in saving Raja. Eventually, Preeta and Karan regain consciousness. AK hurls wooden objects at Preeta, intending to end her life, but Karan courageously steps in between, shielding Preeta from harm.

[Episode End]

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