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Kundali Bhagya 20 June 2023 Written Story Update

Kundali Bhagya 20 June 2023 Written Story Update On HindiTvGhar.com

The Episode Starts with Karan regaining consciousness and declaring his determination to protect Preeta. He swiftly departs from the scene. Meanwhile, Shaurya apprehends AK, who attempts to harm Shaurya by wielding a knife. However, Rajveer intervenes by placing a pillow between Shaurya and AK, shielding Shaurya from harm. Rajveer forcefully pushes AK away, while Sandy apprehends him. Expressing his disapproval, Rajveer admonishes Shaurya for his attempt to play the hero. In response, Shaurya firmly asserts that he does not require a big brother figure and does not desire one. Rishabh observes their interaction with a smile and proceeds to lock the door from the inside. He proceeds to threaten AK, demanding that he reveal the truth. AK confesses that he accompanied his boss to the location but remains unaware of their purpose for being there. Despite their doubts, they escort AK to the living area.

Meanwhile, Preeta informs the leader of the firefighting team that the firefighter is now in stable condition. The police inspector informs the firefighting leader that the servant quarters have once again caught fire. Acknowledging the lack of backup, the firefighting leader assures the inspector that he will make arrangements to address the situation. Unbeknownst to them, Aarohi overhears their conversation.

Raja made an attempt to stab Preeta, but Karan swiftly intervened, grabbing Raja’s hand and pushing him away. However, Raja retaliated by overpowering Karan and attacking him. Witnessing this, Preeta took matters into her own hands and fought back against Raja, overpowering him in return. Karan expressed his disappointment, believing that Preeta hadn’t changed at all. In that moment, Preeta’s mind wandered to their shared past, accompanied by the soft melodies of the song “Sajdaa” playing in the background.

Aarohi confided in Nidhi, revealing everything to her. Nidhi admitted her involvement and Aarohi urged her to distract the Luthra family. Nidhi sinisterly declared that Preeta’s demise would occur today. Dadi questioned her about this statement, and Nidhi explained that she referred to Preeta’s symbolic death, as she was fulfilling Preeta’s responsibilities.

The entire family gathered in the living area, where the Luthras handed AK over to the police. Rishabh informed the police inspector that AK had a boss as well. The inspector assured him that his team would investigate AK’s superior and escorted AK away. Mahesh inquired why the police didn’t apprehend Rajveer. Meanwhile, Raja continued to assault Karan, dragging Preeta along with him.

Mahesh observed that Rajveer had harmed Shaurya and it appeared that they had no intention of handing Rajveer over to the police. Palki defended Rajveer, prompting him to command her to return home, but she refused to leave. Shaurya urged Mahesh to call the police inspector.

Rajveer proceeded to reveal to Mahesh how Shaurya had caused a bus accident and how he had filed a complaint against Shaurya. He also exposed Shaurya’s ongoing feud with Palki. Shaurya admitted to his actions, while Rajveer mentioned that he had prevented Palki’s marriage. Mahesh stated that Shaurya had received punishment for his misdeeds and that Rajveer would be held accountable for attempting to murder Shaurya. Mahesh called the police inspector and requested his immediate return. In the midst of the chaos, AK managed to escape, prompting the police to pursue him.

Palki disclosed to Mahesh that Shaurya had kidnapped her and halted her marriage. Shaurya vehemently denied the accusation. The police inspector arrived at the scene and informed them about AK’s escape.

Preeta, having defeated Raja, sought refuge, contemplating why Raja harbored such a strong desire to kill her. The Luthras arrived upon hearing Preeta’s commotion. Raja menacingly warned Preeta not to scream, brandishing a gun. Preeta noticed Rajveer’s presence, which Raja also picked up on. He threatened to kill Rajveer if Preeta uttered a sound.

[Episode End]

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