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Kundali Bhagya 08 June 2023 Written Story Update

Kundali Bhagya 08 June 2023 Written Story Update On HindiTvGhar.com

The Episode Starts with Preeta suddenly finding herself surrounded by a blazing fire. She becomes anxious, wondering how she can escape from this dangerous situation. In an attempt to gather her thoughts, she heads towards the kitchen.

Meanwhile, Rakhi fervently prays to God, seeking divine intervention for Shaurya’s well-being. Rishabh assures Shaurya that he will do everything in his power to protect him from harm. Kritika, filled with concern, asks how such a distressing incident could have occurred. Nidhi blames the event manager, asserting that Shaurya’s current condition is a direct result of their negligence.

Sandy recollects the incident when Shaurya publicly humiliated Rajveer, pondering if this unfortunate event was truly an accident. Rishabh inquires why he suspects Rajveer’s involvement. Sandy shares his suspicion, suggesting that Rajveer might be seeking revenge for the humiliation he endured earlier. Furthermore, Sandy recalls seeing Rajveer near the microphone wires. The Luthra family is left stunned by this revelation.

Palki warns Rajveer about the consequences he may face due to his actions, emphasizing the Luthras’ wealth and influence. She cautions him that if the truth is discovered, the Luthras will suspect him first and involve the police. Rajveer, however, confidently assures her that he won’t fall into trouble, as he has a backup plan. Determined to see Shaurya, he dismisses her concerns and insists that she never listens to him. As they exit together, Palki threatens to harm him if he ends up in trouble.

Mohit believes that Rajveer will be the one to keep Palki happy. With this thought in mind, he decides to inform Daljeet and Shailendra about Rajveer and Palki’s relationship. At that moment, Preeta screams for help, and Karan reassures her that he will protect her from any harm. He urges Preeta to respond to him, and she confirms that she can hear him.Rishabh inquires with the event manager about Rajveer’s whereabouts. Shortly after, Rajveer arrives, and Rishabh confronts him, holding him responsible for Shaurya’s current condition. Rajveer reluctantly admits that Shaurya may have suffered an electric shock because of him. Rishabh emphasizes the seriousness of the situation and insists that Rajveer cannot leave until he tells the complete truth.Rishabh implores Rajveer to make a promise on Preeta and reveal the whole truth. Rajveer finally accepts responsibility for everything. Mahesh questions Rajveer about his motives, and Rajveer explains that they have no idea about Shaurya’s actions. He discloses that Shaurya kidnapped Palki and disrupted her marriage, claiming that Shaurya committed a grave sin and he cannot remain silent about it.Nidhi expresses doubt, questioning if Rajveer is playing games with them. Rajveer challenges Rishabh’s belief in Shaurya’s innocence. Rishabh promptly contacts the police inspector, requesting their presence at the Luthra house. Rajveer insists that they can continue their discussion later, as he needs to find Preeta immediately. Mahesh accuses Rajveer of attempting to escape, while Rishabh declares that Rajveer cannot leave until the police arrive. Mahesh escorts Rajveer indoors. Meanwhile, Preeta attempts to leave the kitchen.

[Episode End]

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