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Kundali Bhagya 01 June 2023 Written Story Update

Kundali Bhagya 01 June 2023 Written Story Update On HindiTvGhar.com

The episode commences with Rajveer reminiscing about Preeta’s words. Mohit approaches him and expresses his astonishment, stating that he has never come across someone like Rajveer. Rajveer responds, sharing his mixed emotions about Palki’s failed marriage with Ketan. Although he is relieved that the wedding did not take place, he feels saddened by the cancellation. Mohit consoles Rajveer, explaining that everything unfolded as per their Kundali Bhagya (destiny), leaving him perplexed about how to react. Mohit also expresses his disappointment that Rajveer kept the truth hidden from him but expresses relief that Palki is now safe.

Meanwhile, Mahi makes an effort to uplift Palki’s spirits. Palki reflects on how Shaurya questioned her character and how Rajveer stood up for her, proving her innocence. Shaurya hears music playing and finds himself consumed by thoughts of Palki. Perplexed by the intensity of his thoughts, he wonders why Palki occupies his mind so prominently. Unbeknownst to each other, Rajveer and Palki catch a glimpse of one another from their respective balconies.

Rishabh informs everyone that Shaurya’s music company is launching the next day, so he has a lot of preparations to make. Karan, in a taunting tone, comments on the significance of Shaurya’s company launch. Mahesh questions Karan about his taunting behavior, asking why he is being like that. Karan defends himself, stating that he is merely speaking the truth, as everyone is aware of Shaurya’s endeavors. Rakhi interjects, expressing her belief that Shaurya will change for the better. Nidhi questions why they aren’t blaming her for Shaurya’s behavior. Kareena responds, stating that they are well aware of the kind of upbringing Nidhi provided to Shaurya. Karan asserts that Shaurya is only recognized because of his family name, implying that there is no need to praise his achievements. Nidhi, however, believes that Shaurya will soon transform, and she will receive recognition for that.

The following day, Rajveer receives a call from his boss, who informs him about Shaurya’s music company launch, emphasizing the rivalry between their company and the Luthras. The boss mentions that Shaurya has invited the media to his house. Rajveer assures his boss that he will make a plan and contact him later before ending the call. Rajveer then discusses with Mohit that it is time to teach Shaurya a lesson and ensure that he pays for his wrongdoings. Mohit expresses doubt, pointing out that it is the Luthra house, and Rajveer may not be able to enter and take any action. He believes that nobody will listen to Rajveer. Undeterred, Rajveer declares that this is a significant day for Shaurya, and he is determined to punish him. He then departs from the conversation. Mohit immediately calls Palki and informs her that Rajveer is planning to seek revenge on Shaurya at the Luthra house.

Palki intercepts Rajveer, expressing her desire to have a conversation with him. Just then, Mohit arrives on the scene, leading Rajveer to realize that Mohit has divulged everything to Palki. Rajveer informs Palki about Shaurya’s disrespectful behavior towards her and her family, and he intends to publicly shame Shaurya in front of the media. Concerned for Rajveer’s well-being, Palki pleads with him not to get involved in any trouble. Rajveer instructs her to keep this information from Preeta before departing from the location.

Later, Rajveer arrives at the Luthra house incognito, disguised as a staff member. Preeta is in search of Rajveer. Rajveer contemplates that today marks the beginning of Preeta’s new destiny, as foretold by her Kundali Bhagya.

[Episode End]

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