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Kundali Bhagya 28 June 2023 Written Story Update

Kundali Bhagya 28 June 2023 Written Story Update On HindiTvGhar.com

The Episode Starts With Karan’s arrival at the house, inquiring about his maasi from Rajveer. However, Rajveer deceitfully informs him that his maasi is not present. Simultaneously, Dadi confides in God, expressing her profound affection for Karan and her inability to witness his sorrow. She acknowledges the challenges Karan has faced throughout his life but recognizes that his current anguish stems from Preeta’s absence. Dadi beseeches God to reunite Preeta with Karan. Unbeknownst to her, Nidhi overhears this heartfelt conversation and deliberately inflicts harm upon Dadi, masquerading it as an accident.

Mohit discloses to Rajveer that his maasi is currently in the washroom. Karan, upon learning this, informs Rajveer that he will wait until she emerges. Consequently, Rajveer seeks Mohit’s assistance in devising a plan to expel Karan from the house, and he proceeds indoors. Dadi confides in Kritika regarding Nidhi’s transgressions, resulting in Kritika reproaching Nidhi for her actions. Nidhi, however, asserts that Kritika has no authority to interfere in this matter and subtly insinuates that Kritika is merely a guest in the Luthra house.

Inadvertently, Karan accidentally knocks over a vase of flowers, causing it to crash to the ground. He swiftly apologizes, acknowledging it as an unintended mishap. Meanwhile, Preeta overhears Karan’s voice and instantly recognizes it as her savior’s voice. Inspired, she resolves to meet him after preparing herself.

Rajveer expresses his disapproval to Gurpreet about having Karan in the house. Curious, Gurpreet inquires about the reason behind Rajveer’s stance. Rajveer explains that Karan wishes to meet his aunt, but he opposes the idea. Intrigued, Gurpreet probes further, asking why he feels that way. Rajveer reveals his disdain for the Luthra family, citing past troubles they caused. Gurpreet, however, steps outside and enthusiastically informs Karan that she is his biggest fan.

In an attempt to defuse the situation, Gurpreet shares with Rajveer and Mohit that Karan is a renowned cricketer. Mohit, however, informs Karan that he won’t be able to meet Rajveer’s aunt due to her busy schedule. Rajveer instructs Karan to leave. Before departing, Gurpreet requests a conversation with Karan, explaining that she couldn’t talk to him earlier as she mistakenly believed he had come to offer Mohit a job.

Karan gets an idea and asks Rajveer to bring his bio data. Realizing he must send Karan away before Preeta appears, Rajveer rushes inside. Gurpreet then asks Mohit to fetch his bio data as well, but Mohit admits to forgetting where he kept the file. Gurpreet leaves to prepare tea for Karan. Rajveer hands his bio data to Karan, who discovers that Rajveer’s surname is Arora. Karan casually remarks that he knows many Aroras, causing Rajveer to regret sharing his bio data. In an accidental mishap, Gurpreet spills tea on Karan and quickly apologizes.

Rakhi shares with Dadi her intention to address Nidhi’s crossing of boundaries and feels the need to speak to her. Kritika advises her to let it go, but Rakhi insists that it is necessary and departs.

Rajveer confides in Mohit about his reluctance to have Preeta meet Karan. Just as Preeta emerges from the washroom, Karan senses her presence (Sajdaa song plays in the background).

[Episode End]

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