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Kundali Bhagya 15 June 2023 Written Story Update

Kundali Bhagya 15 June 2023 Written Story Update On HindiTvGhar.com

The Episode Starts with Nidhi leading one of the firefighters into the building. Swiftly, Nidhi’s associate renders the firefighter unconscious. Palki and Dadi arrive at the scene, catching Nidhi’s attention as she realizes her accomplice has managed to escape. Curious about their presence together, Nidhi questions Dadi, who proceeds to disclose everything to her. Meanwhile, Nidhi’s associate cleverly disguises himself as a firefighter and seamlessly integrates with the rest of the firefighting team.

The firefighters eventually locate Preeta and rush to call a doctor for her. As the events unfold, Karan regains consciousness but finds himself unable to reach Preeta. In the background, the melodious tune of “Sajdaa” resonates, setting the emotional ambiance.

One of the firefighters informs the Luthras that a woman is trapped inside the servant quarters, much to Rajveer’s relief. Nidhi deduces that it must be Preeta. The Luthras inquire about the identity of the lady, to which the firefighter replies that he doesn’t know. Rishabh expresses his intention not to interfere but expresses curiosity about the woman’s identity. Sensing the urgency, the firefighter advises the Luthras to move to a safer location.

Anticipating her associate’s delay in executing Preeta, Nidhi devises a plan to instigate a conflict between Shaurya and Rajveer. She convinces Shaurya that they should enter the building since it appears the police inspector won’t find Rajveer. The police inspector asserts his competence, but Rajveer desires the Luthras to enter the premises. Seizing the opportunity, Rajveer dashes inside, prompting everyone to give chase.

Nidhi’s associate locates Preeta and reminisces how Nidhi had shown him a photo of Preeta. He attempts to carry Preeta, but a firefighter intervenes, preventing him from doing so. The firefighter becomes suspicious of Nidhi’s associate’s behavior and requests to see his identity card. In a panic, Nidhi’s associate flees the scene, with the firefighter in pursuit.

Meanwhile, Shaurya apprehends Rajveer, and a scuffle ensues between them. Nidhi scolds Rajveer for pushing Shaurya and berates the police inspector for not arresting him. Shaurya vows not to let Rajveer off the hook and tries to attack him, but the Luthra family restrains him. Mahesh intervenes, urging them to stop. Rajveer urges Shaurya to listen to Mahesh, while Nidhi warns Shaurya to stay away from Rajveer, as he might commit a crime at any time. Shaurya asserts that he will teach Rajveer a lesson.

Mahesh chides them for fighting like hooligans and questions the root cause of their enmity. He asks Rajveer to explain why he came there, as it doesn’t seem like his sole purpose was Palki. Mahesh wants to know what Rajveer is hiding from them. Reluctantly, Rajveer agrees to reveal the truth, with Shaurya cautioning him against lying. Rishabh assures him that Mahesh will resolve the situation.

Elsewhere, Palki assists Dadi in lying down on the bed. Dadi remembers how Preeta took care of her and believes that Palki resembles Preeta. Palki goes to fetch warm water, while Nidhi’s associate manages to escape from the firefighter.

Rajveer confesses to the Luthra family that he is prepared to be arrested for hurting Shaurya. However, Shaurya appears unharmed and mocks Rajveer. Rajveer declares his intention to beat up Shaurya, but Mahesh advises him to ignore Shaurya and consider him a brother. Rishabh urges Rajveer to calm down. Shaurya laments how his family humiliates him in front of strangers.

[Episode End]

Precap : Shaurya informs the police inspector of his willingness to file an official complaint against Rajveer. In response, Palki assures the police inspector that she intends to lodge an official complaint against Shaurya, accusing him of kidnapping her.

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