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Kundali Bhagya 18 June 2023 Written Story Update

Kundali Bhagya 18 June 2023 Written Story Update On HindiTvGhar.com

The Episode Starts with a video call where a contract killer shows Nidhi a shocking image of Karan. Nidhi is taken aback by the sight of Karan and learns that he loves Preeta deeply. Enraged by this revelation, she swiftly ends the call. Realizing that everything is at stake if Karan sees Preeta, Nidhi resolves to take action. She decides to venture into the servant quarters and bring Karan back from there.

Rishabh informs the Luthras that the firefighter is now safe but cautions them to return to their rooms. He warns them that there is a possibility the contract killer might still be hiding within the house. Nidhi is instructed to stay with Kareena and Rakhi for the time being.

Meanwhile, Karan finds a rod and confronts the contract killer, beating him with it. He expresses to Preeta that their current location is unsafe and insists they leave immediately. Urging her to open her eyes, Karan notices the presence of the contract killer and engages in a fierce fight with him. Just then, Rishabh arrives on the scene, causing the contract killer to flee upon hearing his voice. Rishabh locates Karan and Karan utters Preeta’s name. Rishabh escorts Karan away from the scene.

Shaurya expresses to Sandy the determination to find the contract killer at any cost. Everyone joins in the search for the elusive assassin. Shaurya inquires of Rajveer whether he has found any trace of the contract killer, but Rajveer shakes his head in response. They continue their search. Kareena expresses her confusion over the peculiar bond between Shaurya and Rajveer and wonders about Rakhi’s whereabouts. Considering Rishabh’s warning, she contemplates the unsettling notion that their own house is no longer safe.

Aarohi reassures Nidhi, advising her not to worry because the contract killer AK would never divulge their name, even if caught. However, Nidhi expresses her concern about Preeta, informing Aarohi that she saw Karan in the servant quarters. She reveals her love for Karan and expresses her desire to keep him alive. Aarohi suggests that Nidhi should go and save Karan while getting rid of Preeta. Nidhi instructs Aarohi to handle the Luthras and departs from there.

Rishabh escorts Karan to his room, where Karan pleads with him to rescue Preeta from the fire. Rishabh assumes that Karan might be hallucinating and decides to call a doctor. Meanwhile, Nidhi enters the servant quarters and discovers Preeta’s presence. Realizing that Preeta is alive, Nidhi proceeds to strangle her, causing Preeta to struggle for breath.

Rajveer decides to investigate Preeta’s situation, hoping that Karan did not see her. Shaurya questions Palki about the source of her information regarding his involvement in her kidnapping. Palki asserts that she is not foolish and attempts to leave. In response, Shaurya grabs her hand, prompting her to slap him. Rajveer enters the servant quarters, and Nidhi hears a noise.

Karan recalls his desperate attempt to rescue Preeta from the fire, repeatedly mentioning her name. Rishabh informs him that Preeta is not present, but Karan insists that he spoke to her and that she knows everything about Shaurya and needs him. Karan begins coughing and eventually loses consciousness. Rishabh vows to protect Karan and expresses relief that other family members are not present, as they would have believed Preeta was there.

[Episode End]

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