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Kundali Bhagya 21 June 2023 Written Story Update

Kundali Bhagya 21 June 2023 Written Story Update On HindiTvGhar.com

The Episode Starts with Preeta experiences sudden flashes from her past, causing her to lose consciousness. Inquisitively, Nidhi questions AK about his presence there, reprimanding him for his inability to eliminate Preeta. Seizing the opportunity, AK swiftly departs upon catching sight of Rakhi. Rakhi, curious about Nidhi’s conversation, inquires about the person with whom she was speaking. Observing a peculiar mark, Rishabh alerts a police inspector and presents it to him. The inspector surmises that it appears as though a woman may be in distress. Dadi suggests that a thug might have abducted the lady.

Noticing Nidhi’s earlier outburst, Rakhi mentions overhearing her scolding someone. Nidhi fabricates a tale, asserting that she was merely conversing with herself. She laments her failure to fulfill her obligations, feigning tears, and Rakhi provides solace to her.

Luthras pursue AK as Raja forcefully drags Preeta away. Rishabh manages to apprehend AK momentarily, but he manages to escape and holds a knife to Shaurya’s neck. In his attempt to break free, Shaurya injures his hand. Rakhi, angered by AK’s actions, slaps him. Rishabh instructs Palki to attend to Shaurya’s wounds, while AK flees, prompting the police to give chase. Raja positions Preeta beside Karan and departs from the scene.

Rakhi instructs Girish to fetch the first aid kit, but Shaurya insists he is fine. She accompanies Palki and Shaurya to his room. Nidhi secretly hopes that the police won’t catch AK, believing Preeta to be dead. Meanwhile, Mahesh takes Rajveer with him to secure the doors and windows.

Shaurya requests Palki to tend to his bandage and leave. Palki urges him to remain quiet as she treats his injured hand, reminding him that she knows her job well. In response, Shaurya asks who appointed her as a doctor, to which she retorts by asking who made him a singer. Shaurya accuses her of intentionally hurting him like a slingshot, and at that moment, Rajveer enters and dismisses Palki.

Palki informs Rakhi that Shaurya was being difficult and wishes he had a mother like her. Nidhi scolds Palki for making derogatory comments about Shaurya, and Palki defends herself by claiming that Shaurya hasn’t done anything praiseworthy. Nidhi insults Palki, prompting Rakhi to intervene and advise everyone to calm down. Nidhi remarks that Shaurya dislikes Rakhi for this exact reason and storms off. Palki confides in Rakhi, expressing her observation that Nidhi is overly possessive about Shaurya. Rakhi, feeling overwhelmed, holds her head while Palki proceeds to make tea for her. Rakhi reflects that Palki reminds her of Preeta.

Rajveer attempts to readjust Shaurya’s bandage, but Shaurya asserts that he doesn’t need an elder brother like him. Rajveer responds by stating that he doesn’t aspire to be Shaurya’s elder brother and forcefully readjusts the bandage. Shaurya promptly removes it, declaring that he won’t accept Rajveer’s assistance under any circumstances. Rajveer asserts that he stooped to Shaurya’s level to teach him a lesson and confidently departs from the room.

Rajveer questions Palki about her presence in the kitchen, and she explains that she’s preparing tea for Rakhi. He blames himself for the entire situation, feeling remorseful.

[Episode End]

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