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Kundali Bhagya 04 June 2023 Episode Written Update

Kundali Bhagya 04 June 2023 Episode Written Update On HindiTvGhar.com

The episode commences with Shaurya extending a warm welcome to Sandy and Saniya. Saniya expresses her intention to gain fame by sharing pictures of herself with Shaurya. In response, Shaurya confidently asserts that his talent alone will make him famous. He shares his excitement about his cherished guitar, currently undergoing repairs at a shop, emphasizing that he will exclusively play that particular instrument. Unbeknownst to Shaurya, Rajveer happens to overhear their conversation and senses an opportunity.

Meanwhile, Kritika and Rishabh engage in playful banter, teasing Kareena for her prolonged preparations. Kareena rebukes them, feeling that Shaurya does not value their presence. Rishabh then escorts Kareena away, offering her his company.

Shaurya reveals Rajveer’s phone to him, prompting Rajveer to chase after Shaurya in an attempt to retrieve it. Meanwhile, Preeta goes in search of Rajveer, and Karan, finally snapping back to reality, wonders where Preeta has gone.

Shaurya hurls the phone in Rajveer’s direction, and Rajveer manages to catch it. Shaurya dismisses any lectures from Rajveer, claiming they have no effect on him. He questions Rajveer’s presence in the Luthra house, to which Rajveer responds that he came to witness Shaurya’s success and support him. However, Shaurya insists on hearing the truth and accuses Rajveer of withholding the reason behind his visit to Palki’s house and the harm he caused to Palki’s life. Shaurya inquires if Rajveer feels any remorse, but Rajveer openly admits that he took pleasure in his actions and even asks about Palki’s well-being, feigning sympathy.

Unconvinced, Shaurya urges Rajveer to snap out of his delusions. Curious about Rajveer’s intentions, Shaurya asks him what he plans to do. Rajveer cryptically hints that Shaurya will soon find out and declares that this party will be memorable for everyone. He reassures Shaurya that his motive for being there is merely to earn some extra income and advises him not to overthink but instead enjoy the party. With that, Rajveer leaves the scene, leaving Shaurya suspicious that Rajveer might have some ulterior motives against him.

Meanwhile, the Luthra family and guests delight in the dance performance by Shaurya and Rajveer, receiving praise for their skills. Unbeknownst to Shaurya, Palki sneaks into the house and catches sight of him. Nervously, she hides from Shaurya, and when her dupatta accidentally gets caught on his watch, she manages to free it without him noticing.

Media reporters approached Mahesh and Rishabh, seeking their comments. Mahesh expressed his immense happiness, while Rishabh proudly mentioned his admiration for Shaurya and how grateful he was for Shaurya’s contributions to their business. Inquisitive about Shaurya’s prospects, a reporter asked the Luthras about his potential for success. Mahesh responded confidently, affirming his belief in Shaurya’s abilities.

Meanwhile, Rakhi sensed Preeta’s presence and promptly shared her feelings with Dadi and Kareena. Dadi tried to reassure Rakhi, suggesting that she might be overthinking the situation, while Kareena urged her to let go of her worries. Feeling uneasy, Rakhi decided to leave the conversation and departed.

As Dadi and Kareena looked for Rakhi, Dadi expressed her concern that Rakhi might disclose her feelings about Preeta to Karan. Dadi’s attention was then drawn to Rajveer, and she mentioned how Rajveer reminded her of Karan. Kareena agreed with Dadi’s observation. In the meantime, Palki was on the lookout for Rajveer.

[Episode End]

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