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Kundali Bhagya 22 June 2023 Written Story Update

Kundali Bhagya 22 June 2023 Written Story Update On HindiTvGhar.com

The Episode Starts With Rajveer expressing to Palki that she is encountering difficulties because of him. In response, Palki reveals her contentment about their failed marriage, emphasizing the importance of trust in a marital relationship. She expresses happiness that Rajveer entered her life, attributing their meeting to Shaurya and destiny written in her kundali bhagya. Meanwhile, AK makes an attempt to harm Preeta, while she desperately tries to awaken Karan. AK forcibly drags Preeta away from the scene, prompting her to scream Karan’s name. Thankfully, Karan regains consciousness just in time. In the kitchen, Rakhi approaches Rajveer and Palki, reminding them of her son and daughter-in-law. She blesses them and warmly embraces them.

Shaurya witnesses this heartfelt moment and leaves the scene in a fit of anger, venting his frustration by breaking a chair. Nidhi inquires about the cause of his distress, prompting Shaurya to question if she, too, merely pretends to care for him. He suggests that she join the group and accept Rajveer, highlighting the actions Rajveer has committed. Shaurya asserts that he will leave the house if Rajveer isn’t held accountable and sent to jail, expressing his disappointment in Nidhi. He further states that if Rajveer’s aunt were present, she would have supported him. Disheartened, Nidhi resolves not to lose Shaurya’s love and decides to take action. She follows him and profusely declares her love for him, expressing her willingness to make sacrifices and support him unconditionally. Leading him to the living area, she addresses the Luthras and inquires if they will take any action. Dadi asks her what has happened.

Nidhi, with a taunting tone, reminds everyone of how Rajveer attempted to kill Shaurya. Shaurya, in response, accuses Rakhi of behaving like Rajveer’s “badi mom” (elder mother). He expresses his disappointment, claiming that he has never seen love in Rakhi’s eyes for him. Kareena interrupts, assuring Shaurya that they all love him dearly. However, Shaurya challenges them to prove their love for him. In return, Rishabh asks Shaurya to demonstrate his love for them. Sensing Shaurya’s distress, Sandy informs the Luthras that Shaurya is upset, but Rishabh silences him. Nidhi declares her determination to ensure Rajveer’s arrest and attempts to forcefully remove him from the scene, but Rakhi intervenes and stops her.

Inside, Nidhi takes Rakhi aside and questions her about her knowledge of Shaurya’s situation. Rakhi responds by stating that she is following her heart and justifying her unwavering support for her family. She claims to have always stood by her family’s side but refuses to comply with Shaurya’s demands this time. Rakhi argues that Shaurya’s own wrongdoing led Rajveer to seek revenge. Disappointed, Nidhi expresses her feeling of being let down by Rakhi and walks away. Kareena, who overheard their conversation, tells Rakhi that Rajveer was at fault, so she should support her own family. Rakhi, however, explains that since Rajveer’s aunt did not punish Shaurya, she cannot punish Rajveer either.

Meanwhile, Shaurya questions Rajveer about why his family is supporting him. Mahesh clarifies that Rakhi is not against Rajveer. Nidhi forcefully pulls Rajveer away from the gathering, and just then, the police arrive with Raja. Nidhi realizes that Raja is working for AK (presumably a criminal figure). In a hushed tone, Raja warns Nidhi that he will reveal her name if she doesn’t save him. Soon after, Raja faints. The police inspector reveals that according to Raja, someone from the Luthra family hired AK to commit a murder.

[Episode End]

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