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Kundali Bhagya 26 June 2023 Written Story Update

Kundali Bhagya 26 June 2023 Written Story Update On HindiTvGhar.com

The Episode Starts With Karan delivering the joyous news to the Luthra family that Preeta has been found and returned. Rishabh warmly invites him to take a seat, eager to hear the details. Karan shares his encounter with Preeta, assuring them that he is not fabricating the story. Overflowing with gratitude, he turns to Rakhi, acknowledging that her prayers have been answered. Rishabh expresses his unwavering trust in Karan’s account. Just then, the doctor interjects, urging them to bring Preeta to the scene.

Nidhi, on the verge of disclosing that Preeta has passed away, is abruptly interrupted by Karan, who scolds her sternly. The memories of Raja and AK’s sinister plot to harm Preeta flood his mind, reinforcing his belief that someone had indeed attempted to take Preeta’s life. Determined to protect her, he proclaims his immediate departure to ensure her safety. Meanwhile, Nidhi begins to suspect that Rajveer has deceived her, perplexed as to why he would lie.

Meanwhile, Preeta gradually regains consciousness and anxiously inquires of Rajveer about the well-being of those involved in the incident. Concerned for their safety, she specifically asks about the person accompanying her and expresses her curiosity regarding Palki’s whereabouts.

In the outhouse, Shaurya frantically searches for Nidhi. Sensing danger, Palki quickly douses him with water to protect him from the fire. Firefighters arrive at the scene and instruct them to leave. Palki guides Shaurya out of the outhouse, and the leader of the firefighters expresses gratitude to her for assisting their team and saving Shaurya’s life. However, Shaurya dismisses Palki’s efforts, claiming she doesn’t deserve his appreciation and sarcastically suggests she can keep dreaming about it. Unfazed by his remark, Palki asserts that she doesn’t require his thanks or apologies. The two engage in a heated argument, with Shaurya questioning who will punish him. Palki retorts that Shaurya’s audacity in yelling at her makes him unworthy of any consideration, and she departs from the scene.

Meanwhile, Karan informs Mahesh that he spotted Preeta. Rakhi expresses her trust in his words, while Kareena and Dadi also claim to have seen Preeta. The doctor jokingly questions if they encountered a ghost, leading Karan to angrily rebuke him and demand his departure. Nidhi interjects, suggesting that they all hallucinated Preeta’s presence. Rakhi, however, maintains her belief that Preeta is alive. Nidhi further asks why Preeta hasn’t visited Shaurya if she truly returned. In an attempt to cover her lie, she fabricates seeing Karan alone in the outhouse. Karan insists that he had a conversation with Preeta and turns to Rishabh, seeking his trust. He proposes reviewing the CCTV footage as evidence, leaving Nidhi startled by his revelation.

Rishabh assures Karan that he will obtain the CCTV footage, urging him to remain calm, before departing from the scene. Nidhi also walks away, contemplating that if the Luthras have accepted her in place of Shaurya and Preeta were to return, everything would be ruined. Suddenly, she notices Rajveer and questions him about his presence in the outhouse. Rajveer casually claims he was merely wandering around, but Nidhi suspects his acquaintance with Preeta. She confronts him, inquiring about her fear of Preeta and the possible wrongdoing she committed against her. Nidhi warns Rajveer that she won’t spare him if she discovers he has deceived her.

Amidst the chaos, Shaurya and Palki continue their heated argument. Palki insists that he stays away from her, but he defiantly grabs her hand. Rajveer intervenes, gripping Shaurya’s hand and taunting him before whisking Palki away from the confrontation. Sandy witnesses this incident. In the meantime, Rishabh updates Karan that he has spoken to the security guard and they will obtain the CCTV footage. Shaurya accuses Rajveer of being behind all the troubles they are facing.

[Episode End]

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