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Kundali Bhagya 24 May 2023 Written Story Update

Kundali Bhagya 24 May 2023 Written Story Update On HindiTvGhar.com

The episode commences with Shaurya informing Sanju and Sandy that he won’t be able to accompany them to the concert as he needs to attend a wedding. He explains that he worked hard to receive an invitation to Palki’s wedding and encourages them to join him, stating that the wedding would be more entertaining than the concert. Shaurya dismisses them and instructs them to prepare for the wedding.

Meanwhile, Daljeet and Gurpreet are in search of Palki’s earring. Simmi arrives and joins in the search. Rajveer and Palki exchange meaningful glances, catching the attention of Simmi and Preeta. Eventually, Simmi locates Palki’s earring and hands it over to Daljeet. Preeta notifies Daljeet that the wedding procession, called the “bharat,” has arrived, prompting them to welcome the guests. Daljeet becomes ecstatic and rushes off from the scene.

Preeta confidently asserts to Rajveer that she can decipher his emotions just by looking into his eyes. She reveals that she knows he harbors feelings for Palki and implores him not to conceal it from her. Rajveer denies her claim, insisting that it’s not the case. However, she urges him not to lie and emphasizes that they cannot escape their true emotions. Rajveer counters by expressing that not everyone can attain everything they desire, and sometimes destiny cannot be altered. He explains that his life’s aspirations lie elsewhere, and he wishes to prioritize them at present. Preeta acknowledges his dedication towards his career but advises him against sacrificing love for his goals. She encourages him to accept his love for Palki and believes that they are meant for each other. Rajveer deceives her by falsely stating that he doesn’t love Palki.

Meanwhile, in the Luthra household, Rakhi confides in Dadi and Kareena about her encounter with Preeta. She recounts the events that transpired at the temple, firmly believing that she indeed saw Preeta. Kareena dismisses Rakhi’s claim, attributing it to mere hallucination. Rakhi staunchly maintains her belief in Preeta’s existence, fervently praying for her return to the family. She avows that if Preeta is alive, then Rudraksh must be alive as well. Rakhi expresses her hope that Preeta’s return would bring happiness not only to the Luthra household but also to Karan, Shaurya, and their longing for their mother.

Nidhi arrived at the scene, reprimanding them for wasting time on gossip. She reminded them of the tasks they needed to complete, emphasizing that she didn’t treat them as servants but expected them to fulfill their responsibilities towards the household. Addressing Rakhi, Nidhi cautioned her about Karan possibly blaming her for Rakhi’s injury, urging her to rest and refrain from discussing Preeta. Dadi and Kareena then escorted Rakhi indoors. Nidhi suspected that Rakhi had lied about Preeta to provoke jealousy in her. Furthermore, she believed that if Preeta were alive, she would have returned to the Luthra house.

Palki’s parents warmly welcomed Ketan and his family, creating a pleasant atmosphere. Mahi playfully teased Ketan, teasingly telling him to hold on and wait until he saw Palki. Shailendra intervened, urging Mahi to cease her playful banter. Jasbeer supported Mahi’s comment, expressing agreement. Ketan took his place on the wedding mandap, while Rajveer discreetly departed from the scene. Preeta and Mohit observed his departure, noting it with curiosity.

[Episode End]

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