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Kundali Bhagya 11 June 2023 Written Story Update

Kundali Bhagya 11 June 2023 Written Story Update On HindiTvGhar.com

The Episode Starts with Shaurya expressing to Rishabh his desire to fight his own battles without interference from others. Nidhi arrives and inquires about Shaurya’s well-being. He shares his frustration regarding his family, particularly Rishabh. Rishabh cautions Shaurya about losing control in anger, expressing concern for his well-being. Shaurya attributes everything to Rajveer’s actions. Rishabh questions him about the kidnapping of Palki and the interference in her marriage. This angers Shaurya, causing him to storm off. Rishabh instructs Nidhi not to support Shaurya.

Shaurya heads towards the guest room, but Sandy intercepts him and reveals that he spotted Palki outside the house. They both rush out. Meanwhile, Rajveer overhears their conversation and becomes anxious about Palki’s situation. He notices an open window and escapes.

Nidhi is startled upon discovering a fire in the servant quarters. Initially intending to call the fire brigade, she hesitates upon spotting Preeta inside and quickly departs. Karan informs Preeta that he found a blanket and towel and suggests they fetch water from the kitchen. Preeta leads him there.

Nidhi reflects on Kareena’s claim of seeing Preeta and realizes that despite her extensive efforts for the Luthras, only Preeta’s presence matters to them. She resolves not to let anger consume her and vows to prevent Preeta from taking Shaurya and Karan away from her. She determines that nobody will be allowed to meet Preeta.

Karan drapes a towel over Preeta, who acknowledges his kindness and praises him as a genuinely good person. Surprised by her compliment, he realizes that she appreciates him. Suddenly, Preeta starts coughing and struggling to breathe, causing concern.

Shaurya and Sandy venture outside, diligently searching for Palki until they finally spot her. Shaurya questions Palki about her presence there, to which she denies being inside his house and swiftly departs. Determined not to let Palki off the hook, Shaurya informs Sandy that he won’t spare her and heads back inside.

Karan opens up to Preeta, recounting the story of their first meeting and their shared past. Preeta glimpses fleeting memories of those moments. He confesses that while the world knew him as Karan Luthra, she was his entire world. He admits feeling lost whenever she wasn’t by his side but now, seeing her, he feels like he has found himself again. However, Preeta suddenly loses consciousness, and Karan starts coughing.

Nidhi harbors hope that Preeta will perish in the servant quarters and feels relieved that the Luthras haven’t encountered her yet. She wonders why Preeta returned on this particular day. Rakhi senses something burning, and Nidhi overhears it. Nidhi proceeds to burn an invitation and dispose of it in the bin, informing Rakhi and Kareena about the fire. Kareena notices the smoke and a peculiar smell coming from another direction, prompting them to investigate. As they move away, Nidhi accidentally injures her leg and lets out a scream. Kareena and Rakhi rush to assist Nidhi, taking her inside.

In distress, Karan realizes that the fire is spreading uncontrollably, desperately calling for help. He covers Preeta with a blanket for protection. Meanwhile, Rajveer catches sight of Kritika, fearing that the Luthras will confine him to a room again if Kritika discloses his secret to them.

[Episode End]

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