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Kundali Bhagya 07 June 2023 Written Story Update

Kundali Bhagya 07 June 2023 Written Story Update On HindiTvGhar.com

The episode Starts with Rajveer attempting to cut the microphone wire of Shaurya, but his actions halt upon hearing Shaurya’s voice. Shaurya questions Rajveer about his presence there. Rajveer fabricates a lie, claiming he came to retrieve his glasses. Swiftly, he seizes the glasses and departs from the scene.

Mahesh informs Rishabh that Shaurya is about to embark on a journey. Rishabh acknowledges Mahesh’s support and credits their collective success. At that moment, Kritika arrives and divulges Nidhi’s peculiar behavior. Mahesh informs them that numerous individuals have claimed to have sighted Preeta. They collectively head towards the Luthra ladies. Rishabh inquires about their distressful countenances. Rakhi recollects what she witnessed in Shaurya’s room and expresses her unease regarding the unsettling events transpiring within the house. Confounded, she seeks guidance on how to handle the situation. Rishabh implores her to provide him with a detailed account of the incident.

Media reporters eagerly questioned Shaurya, expressing their excitement to know the name of his music company. In response, Shaurya requested their patience, stating that they should wait for Karan. Meanwhile, Rajveer wondered about Karan’s whereabouts.

Preeta searched for Rajveer and suddenly realized that something was burning. Just as the fire caught her attention, Karan arrived at the scene and spotted the dangerous situation. He urgently called out Preeta’s name, alarmed by the potential danger. In the midst of the chaos, Preeta’s saree got entangled in a table, prompting her to tear it while freeing herself. She experienced brief flashes of her past, accompanied by the haunting melody of the song “Sajdaa.” Concerned, Karan inquired if she was okay, but she was overwhelmed by a sudden headache, causing her to collapse and lose consciousness. Reacting quickly, Karan left to find help.

Shaurya grew increasingly frustrated by Karan’s absence. Determined to proceed, he made his way to the stage and announced his intention to unveil the logo of his music company. Requesting the photographers to capture this special moment, he caught sight of Palki and proceeded to reveal the logo, earning applause from the audience. Nidhi, impressed by Shaurya’s achievement, proudly shared her sentiments with the media reporters. Rajveer urged the reporters to direct their questions to Shaurya, while Palki questioned his actions. With a hint of mystery, Rajveer instructed her to wait and watch. The media reporters proceeded to question Shaurya, to which he responded with overwhelming happiness. However, as he grasped the microphone, an unexpected electrical shock coursed through his body, causing him to lose consciousness. Rajveer stood in shock witnessing the incident, and the Luthras quickly took Shaurya inside for medical assistance.

Palki scolded Rajveer for his apparent involvement in Shaurya’s unfortunate condition. Rajveer reassured her, expressing his belief that Shaurya would be fine and explaining that he intended to teach him a lesson. He revealed that Shaurya had mistreated his own family, which deeply affected Rajveer. Palki questioned why it mattered to him when it wasn’t his own family, which left him feeling upset. Palki quickly apologized, clarifying that she didn’t mean to hurt him. She emphasized that they couldn’t interfere in Shaurya’s family matters. Rajveer disclosed that Rakhi was Shaurya’s grandmother, and he was hurt witnessing Shaurya mistreat her. He asked Palki to leave, and she complied, promising to wait for him outside the house before departing.

Returning to the servant quarters, Karan anxiously called out Preeta’s name. Gradually regaining consciousness, Preeta wondered who was calling her and was shocked to find the fire still raging.

[Episode End]

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