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Kundali Bhagya 27 June 2023 Written Story Update

Kundali Bhagya 27 June 2023 Written Story Update On HindiTvGhar.com

The Episode Starts With Rajveer informing the Luthras that he has come to retrieve his bike keys. Karan expresses gratitude towards Rajveer for saving his life, and the Luthras also extend their thanks. Rishabh reveals how Rajveer saved Shaurya’s life, emphasizing their indebtedness to him. Curious about Preeta’s well-being, Karan inquires about her from Rajveer, who suggests asking Nidhi as she is the one who constantly talks about Preeta. Girish discovers Rajveer’s key and promptly returns it to him before Rajveer departs from the scene. The entire family gazes at Nidhi, prompting her to remark that everyone has gone crazy before she retreats indoors. Later, Gurpreet reproaches Rajveer for visiting the Luthra house and warns him that he was fortunate to escape arrest.

In his sleep, Karan experiences vivid recollections of the incidents at the outhouse. Startled, he awakens, shouting Preeta’s name. Convinced that someone attempted to harm Preeta, he is certain that he encountered and conversed with her. He ponders how Rajveer is acquainted with Preeta and realizes that he must bring Preeta back at any cost.

Meanwhile, Preeta, too, revisits the events at the outhouse during her slumber. She awakens, crying out Karan’s name (accompanied by the melody of the song “Sajdaa” in the background). Leaving her room, she heads for some water. Rajveer apologizes to her for neglecting to place a water bottle in her room and inquires about her well-being. Preeta confesses that she should have listened to Srishti and acknowledges her mistake in supporting Rajveer. She urges him to cease his anger and desire for revenge, questioning when he plans to end this conflict.

He expresses to her his belief that Shaurya deserves to be punished. In response, she assures him that she will confront Shaurya and settle the matter. However, he realizes that he cannot allow Preeta to visit the Luthra house. He firmly informs her that he will not engage in a fight with Shaurya. Despite his declaration, she remains confident that he will heed her words, and she enters the house. He silently reaffirms his commitment to focus solely on his goals and decides to sever ties with the Luthra family.

The following day, Rishabh inquires about Karan’s early morning plans. Karan informs him that he has an unmissable meeting. Rishabh grants him permission to proceed and suggests having breakfast before leaving. Karan expresses his gratitude for having a brother like Rishabh and departs.

Mohit inquires about Rajveer’s plans for revenge. Rajveer explains that he made a promise to Preeta not to fight with Shaurya, but he struggles with the dilemma of sparing Shaurya. Preeta questions whether he lied to Mohit, and he dismisses Mohit from their presence. Rajveer admits to Preeta that he indeed deceived Mohit. In an emotional moment, he refers to her as “maa,” indicating his longing for Srishti. Preeta encourages him to address her as “maa” until Srishti returns.

Mohit informs Rajveer that Mr. Luthra has come to meet him. Preeta suggests that she should express her gratitude to Mr. Luthra for saving her life. Nidhi, meanwhile, becomes aware of Karan’s absence from his room and ponders whether he went to search for Preeta. Just as Preeta is about to open the door, Rajveer instructs her to take a bath and attends to the visitor himself. He questions Karan about his presence at the door.

[Episode End]

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