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Kundali Bhagya 24 June 2023 Written Story Update

Kundali Bhagya 24 June 2023 Written Story Update On HindiTvGhar.com

The episode commences with AK hurling logs at Preeta in an attempt to harm her. However, Karan steps in between, shielding Preeta from the impending danger. In that moment, Karan and Preeta share a profound gaze, accompanied by the melodious tune of the song “Sajdaa” playing in the background. Karan removes the logs from his body and swiftly escorts Preeta away from the perilous situation.

Simultaneously, Rakhi intercepts Nidhi, expressing her concerns about the potential ruin of Rajveer’s future if he were to be apprehended. Rakhi argues that Rajveer, despite his minor transgressions, should not be treated as a criminal. She further contends that Rajveer’s motive for seeking revenge on Shaurya was instigated by Shaurya’s own mistakes. Rakhi emphasizes the importance of not condemning the youth for their minor errors and urges her family to exhibit the maturity displayed by Rajveer’s aunt. Rallying support, she implores her family to refrain from having Rajveer arrested. Mahesh concurs with Rakhi, and Rishabh affirms her stance. Girish informs them that the outhouse has once again caught fire.

Meanwhile, the goons assist Raja in evading the clutches of the police while in custody. Karan ponders the dilemma of their escape from the outhouse, contemplating the best course of action. Preeta, bewildered by Karan’s willingness to put his life at risk to save her, questions why she feels a sense of security in his presence. Karan responds, affirming that they must make their way through the backdoor in order to escape, and together they proceed accordingly.

AK informs Raja that he managed to escape from the outhouse somehow, but he believes that Preeta is dead. In a desperate attempt to secure funds, AK calls Nidhi and informs her about Preeta’s supposed demise. He implores her to transfer money to his account. However, Nidhi demands proof before she agrees to provide the money and abruptly ends the call. Infuriated by Nidhi’s response, AK dials her number again and reprimands her for her lack of cooperation. Nidhi then suggests that he visit her the following day to collect the money and promptly hangs up.

Realizing that they need money urgently, AK confides in Raja that they must obtain the funds today and teach Nidhi a lesson. Meanwhile, the Luthras are taken aback as they witness a fire breaking out. Unaware of the chaos unfolding, Nidhi contemplates the need for evidence regarding Preeta’s death.

In a moment of solace, Karan assures Preeta that someone will come to rescue them and promises to protect her from harm. As exhaustion sets in, they both find a place to rest and eventually lose consciousness. It is at this vulnerable moment that AK and Raja arrive. AK proceeds to strangle Preeta, while Karan valiantly attempts to intervene. Raja forcibly removes Karan from the scene, prioritizing his own safety and hastily flees.

Upon hearing that a woman is trapped inside the outhouse, firefighters rush inside to rescue her. Rajveer overhears this and rushes in as well. Witnessing AK’s heinous act, Rajveer swiftly attacks him, delivering a beating. Concerned for Preeta’s well-being, Rajveer approaches her to ensure she is unharmed.

The Luthras lend assistance to the firefighters, providing water to aid in the rescue effort. Nidhi spots AK and Raja and promptly takes them to a separate room. Questioning their presence, she demands an explanation and insists on receiving proof of Preeta’s death. AK confidently informs her that Preeta’s demise is imminent, but Nidhi refuses to comply with his monetary demands. In response, AK threatens to expose her and departs, followed by Raja. Nidhi harbors a sinister hope for Preeta’s demise.

[Episode End]

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