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Kundali Bhagya 14 June 2023 Written Story Update

Kundali Bhagya 14 June 2023 Written Story Update On HindiTvGhar.com

The Episode Starts with Nidhi’s friend informing her that her emotional manipulation won’t be effective if Shaurya accepts Preeta as his mother. Nidhi reassures her friend that she has a plan and emphasizes that she has sacrificed a lot to attain her current position, vowing not to lose it easily. Meanwhile, Rajveer attempts to enter the servant quarters but is halted by the police. Shaurya accuses Rajveer of trying to escape through the back door, prompting Rajveer to retort and ask him to be quiet. Rishabh intervenes, berating them for their quarrel. Rakhi informs Rajveer that the fire brigade personnel are carrying out their duties.

Nidhi brings one of the firefighters inside and her friend muses to herself that Nidhi has seemingly transformed into an evil version of herself. Nidhi instructs her friend to transfer two lakh rupees into the firefighter’s bank account and persuades him not to save Preeta. The firefighter, dedicated to his duty of saving lives, refuses to harm anyone. Nidhi offers him one lakh rupees to maintain his silence, and he departs from the scene. Nidhi confides in her friend about her need for someone who will assist her in her endeavors. Her friend suggests that she knows someone fitting the description and proceeds to make a call. Nidhi firmly declares that she won’t allow anyone to snatch anything away from her.

The firefighters enter the servant quarters while Shaurya informs Rajveer that he cannot escape by using a fire accident as an excuse. Palki questions Rajveer about why the firefighters haven’t found Preeta yet. Rajveer warns her against mentioning Preeta’s name while they are in the Luthra house, leaving Palki perplexed by his statement.

Nidhi’s friend inquires about the functioning of the CCTV cameras, to which Nidhi informs her that maintenance work is currently underway, rendering the cameras inoperable. In the midst of their conversation, Nidhi asks about her accomplice, and coincidentally, he arrives at the scene. Nidhi proceeds to show him a photograph of Preeta, revealing that she is currently residing in the servant quarters. She cunningly requests him to eliminate Preeta discreetly, making it appear as if it were not a deliberate murder. In response, he suggests that she bring along a firefighter so that he can assume the firefighter’s identity.

Mahesh proposes the idea of summoning additional firefighters. Nidhi’s friend warns her that they are powerless in the face of the influential Luthra family. Ignoring the warning, Nidhi deceives a firefighter into accompanying her, fabricating another fire incident elsewhere.

The firefighter informs Rishabh that the situation in the living room is under control. Shaurya approaches the police inspector, inquiring about Rajveer’s impending arrest. The inspector assures him that they will apprehend Rajveer once the situation stabilizes. Palki wonders about Rajveer’s true intentions, while Dadi struggles to breathe due to the poor air quality. Palki suggests taking Dadi inside for her well-being, and Rajveer concurs. The Luthra family convinces Dadi to retreat indoors. Rajveer worries that the firefighters might soon rescue Preeta, which he desperately wants to avoid the Luthras witnessing.

Meanwhile, Preeta gradually regains consciousness and reminisces about Karan’s heroic rescue. Determined, she locates Karan and attempts to approach him (with the song “Sajdaa” playing softly in the background).

[Episode End]

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