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Kundali Bhagya 03 June 2023 Written Story Update

Kundali Bhagya 03 June 2023 Written Story Update On HindiTvGhar.com

The episode commences with Rajveer confessing to Karan that he is engaged in additional work to earn extra income. Expressing skepticism, Karan finds it difficult to believe Rajveer’s statement. Rajveer, understanding Karan’s lack of trust, remarks that Karan never has faith in him. Sensing an ulterior motive, Karan accuses Rajveer of harboring intentions against him. Curious about any wrongdoing, Rajveer inquires if he has done anything to deserve such suspicion. Karan, preoccupied, asserts his busyness and abruptly departs from the scene.

Meanwhile, Palki discloses to Preeta that she had lied to her due to a promise made to Rajveer. Worriedly, Preeta cautions Palki about Rajveer’s anger, mentioning that he visited Shaurya’s residence and is capable of doing anything. Palki sincerely apologizes for deceiving Preeta. Seeking clarification, Preeta questions the reason behind Rajveer’s visit to Shaurya’s house. Palki reveals that Rajveer went there seeking revenge, as he firmly believes that Shaurya is responsible for everything. Rajveer intends to publicly humiliate Shaurya during the music company launch event.

Preeta expresses to Palki that Shaurya and Rajveer are dear to her, almost like her own sons, and she no longer wants to see them embroiled in a fight. Determined to put an end to their conflict, she decides to go to the Luthra house. Palki cautions her against getting angry at Rajveer, insisting that he isn’t entirely at fault. Preeta acknowledges that neither Rajveer nor Shaurya are inherently bad people, but they are making wrong choices. She emphasizes that Palki has personally faced problems due to their marriage. Palki expresses relief, stating that she is glad she didn’t end up marrying someone like Ketan. Preeta commends Palki for her maturity and suggests that she should have tried harder to stop Rajveer. Palki explains that she did try, but Rajveer refused to listen.

Meanwhile, Rajveer recalls Karan’s words and realizes that he is having a negative impact on Karan. Feeling a sense of responsibility, he decides to clean up his act. While doing so, he notices Shaurya giving an interview to the media. Shaurya spots Rajveer and approaches him, revealing that he found Rajveer’s phone and mentions the missed calls from Palki and Preeta. Rajveer wonders when Shaurya took his phone without him noticing.

Back at the Luthra house, Preeta reassures Palki that she won’t let any harm come to her. Palki decides to accompany her, understanding the gravity of the situation. They prepare themselves and arrive at the Luthra house, where a party is taking place. Preeta asks Palki about their plan to enter the house since the guards are checking guests’ invitation cards. Just then, Karan arrives and warmly welcomes his guests. Palki goes to explore the possibility of using the back entry.

Preeta noticed a driver struggling to carry numerous gift boxes and bouquets. Feeling compassionate, she kindly took one of the bouquets from him and made her way into the house. As she entered, Karan coincidentally arrived as well. In that moment, Preeta’s mind drifted back to memories of her past. Startled, Karan accidentally bumped into Preeta, causing her to lose her balance. However, he swiftly reached out and caught her just in time, though his view of her face was obstructed by the bouquet. Expressing her gratitude, Preeta thanked him before proceeding inside. The encounter triggered a recollection for Karan, reminding him of how Preeta had once held his hand and her familiar voice. He softly uttered her name, pondering where that mysterious lady had disappeared to.

Meanwhile, Preeta sought out Rajveer and inquired about his presence there. Rajveer informed her that he had some unfinished tasks to attend to before swiftly departing. Just as Preeta halted, responding to Karan’s call, he approached her, reaching out to touch her shoulder. As Preeta turned around, his astonishment was evident upon seeing her face. In that moment, Preeta also caught glimpses of her own past memories resurfacing.

[Episode End]

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