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Kundali Bhagya 05 June 2023 Episode Written Update

Kundali Bhagya 05 June 2023 Episode Written Update On HindiTvGhar.com

The episode commences with Palki hoping to avoid getting caught as she searches for Rajveer. Shaurya spots Palki and informs Sandy about it. Sandy dismisses Shaurya’s observation, suggesting that he might be hallucinating and that Palki’s presence is unlikely. Saniya tells Shaurya that this is a symptom of love. Shaurya disagrees, insisting that his future partner will be different and special. He then asks Rajveer to fetch him some water. The event manager informs Shaurya that Rajveer is not a waiter. However, Rajveer assures them that it’s fine and heads inside, realizing that he can now freely roam around the house disguised as a waiter. Shaurya wonders why Rajveer agreed to work as a waiter.

Media reporters question Karan and Nidhi about Shaurya. Nidhi states that Karan is occupied with business, so she has dedicated her life to Shaurya and takes credit for his success. Karan wonders about Preeta’s whereabouts. He attributes Shaurya’s success to Nidhi and leaves the scene. Rishabh criticizes Karan for leaving in such a manner. Karan explains that he couldn’t tolerate Nidhi’s lies and mentions that Shaurya’s music company is launching today with the support of the Luthras. He then enters the venue.

Palki finds Rajveer and informs him that everyone is tense because of him. Rajveer notices Shaurya and instructs Palki to hide. Shaurya informs Sandy that he has made Rajveer work as a waiter. Rajveer serves water to Shaurya, who drinks it but immediately spits it out, claiming it tastes like plain water. He orders Rajveer to bring another glass. Just as Rajveer is about to leave, Shaurya stops him and asks where the kitchen is. Rajveer departs to get the water. Sandy asks Shaurya whether Rajveer is a good or bad guy. Shaurya dismisses Rajveer as useless, stating that his existence doesn’t matter. Sandy reminds Shaurya about his liking for Preeta, but Shaurya denies it and walks away.

Karan, determined to find out the truth, decides to confront Rajveer about Preeta. He recalls seeing Preeta with Rajveer and believes that Rajveer might have some information about her. Meanwhile, Nidhi, who had previously dismissed the Luthras’ claims about Preeta’s presence, is shocked to see Preeta herself. She realizes that the Luthras were telling the truth all along.

As Nidhi rushes towards Preeta, she accidentally collides with Rishabh, who notices her strange behavior. Wondering what has happened to Nidhi, he tries to make sense of the situation. The commotion catches the attention of the event manager, who gets caught in the crossfire and becomes the target of Nidhi’s frustration. Nidhi vents her frustration at the event manager, unaware of Preeta’s sudden disappearance.

Rishabh, perplexed by Nidhi’s behavior and the sudden turn of events, wonders where Preeta could have gone. The situation becomes even more confusing and intriguing for him.

[Episode End]

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