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Kundali Bhagya 02 June 2023 Written Story Update

Kundali Bhagya 02 June 2023 Written Story Update On HindiTvGhar.com

The episode commences with Rakhi expressing her intuition to Mahesh that she senses the arrival of someone dear to manage their family. At that moment, Rajveer enters the house, catching Rakhi’s attention. Eagerly, she approaches him and addresses him as Krishna. Dadi inquires about Rajveer’s identity, prompting Rakhi to apologize for her mistake in mistaking Rajveer for Krishna. She then proceeds to inform her family that it was Rajveer who rescued her outside the temple. Realizing that Rakhi and Mahesh are Karan’s parents, Rajveer acknowledges their connection. Gratefully, Mahesh thanks Rajveer for saving Rakhi’s life.

Shortly after, Shaurya descends the stairs, and Rajveer swiftly retreats inside to avoid being seen by him. Shaurya, displaying his usual arrogance, mocks his family members. Concerned about Shaurya’s special day, Rakhi tells Mahesh that she does not wish to spoil his mood. Hearing this, Rajveer overhears and concludes that Shaurya also disrespects his own family members.

Meanwhile, Palki, deeply worried, contemplates the possibility of something unfortunate happening. She appeals to God to protect Rajveer and contacts him, urging him to return home. Fearful, she confesses her concern for Rajveer’s well-being and implores him to avoid any risky actions.

Upon hearing this, Preeta swiftly snatches the phone from Palki’s hand. To her dismay, she realizes that Rajveer had abruptly ended the call. Anxious to reach him, Preeta dials Rajveer’s number, but there is no response from the other end. Turning to Palki, she inquires about Rajveer’s whereabouts. Palki, haunted by Rajveer’s plea to keep their secret from Preeta, fabricates a lie, claiming ignorance about his location. Unconvinced, Preeta points out that Palki had just spoken to Rajveer, implying that she must have some knowledge of his whereabouts. Palki insists that she genuinely doesn’t know.

Meanwhile, Karan and Rishabh notice Rajveer’s presence nearby. As Rajveer stumbles, Karan swiftly intervenes, catching him before he falls. Rishabh, observing the scene, remarks that it appeared as if a father had rescued his son, expressing his gratitude for Karan’s timely intervention. Karan, acknowledging the age difference between them, humorously remarks that he could almost be Rajveer’s father. Curiosity getting the better of him, Karan inquires about Rajveer’s own father. Perplexed by the question, Rajveer responds defensively, asking why Karan is interested in such matters. Karan clarifies that it was a simple query, yet Rajveer reacts as though Karan is his adversary.

Rishabh instructs Rajveer to leave the premises. He inquires Karan about the reason behind scolding Rajveer. Karan reveals that seeing Rajveer reminds him of his late son, Rudraksh, and if Rudraksh were alive, he would have been similar to Rajveer. Rishabh embraces Karan to offer comfort. Karan ponders over who invited Rajveer and expresses concerns about whether Rajveer has come with any intentions against him or Shaurya.

Preeta confides in Palki, expressing her belief that Rajveer is planning something malicious, which is why Palki attempted to stop him. Preeta emphasizes that Rajveer is her entire world and she desperately wants to know his whereabouts. Palki insists that she genuinely has no information about Rajveer’s current location. In response, Preeta severs all ties with Palki, asserting that she will not engage in any further conversation unless Palki discloses the truth. Palki finally discloses that Rajveer has gone to Shaurya’s house. Meanwhile, Karan forcefully takes Rajveer into a room.

[Episode End]

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