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Kundali Bhagya 26 May 2023 Written Story Update

Kundali Bhagya 26 May 2023 Written Story Update On HindiTvGhar.com

The episode opens with a tense confrontation between Rajveer and Shaurya as they exchange intense glares. Ketan’s boss intervenes and escorts Shaurya away from the scene. Meanwhile, Sanju and Sandy engage in a conversation about Shaurya’s sudden change in behavior, which they attribute to Rajveer and Palki’s influence. Sandy suggests that Shaurya might have feelings for Palki, but Sanju disagrees.

In another part of the venue, Preeta takes on the responsibility of attending to the guests. Palki’s grandmother, affectionately referred to as Palki’s Dadi, approaches Preeta and encourages her to smile. She compliments Preeta’s charming personality and draws a parallel between Preeta and Palki. Overhearing their conversation, Shaurya interjects and expresses his admiration for Preeta, asserting that Palki cannot be compared to her. He openly criticizes Palki while praising Preeta, emphasizing that despite being a stranger to him, she understands him better than anyone else.

Recognizing Shaurya’s inappropriate remarks, Preeta apologizes to Palki’s Dadi on his behalf. Palki’s Dadi, curious about Shaurya’s identity, inquires about him. Preeta discloses that Shaurya is her son and promptly leads him away from the situation. She advises Shaurya against speaking ill of Palki in front of her grandmother and emphasizes that Palki is a good girl. Shaurya spots his friends nearby and makes his way towards them.

Rajveer forcefully pulls Shaurya away from the scene, and Shaurya confesses that he enjoys seeing anger in Rajveer’s eyes. Rajveer questions Shaurya about the presence of his friends there. Shaurya advises him to complain to Ketan, but he dismisses the idea, as Ketan desperately needs his project. Consequently, Ketan sends Sanju to take care of the situation. Sandy inquires about Shaurya’s plan, to which Shaurya cryptically responds that the entertainment is about to commence.

In the meantime, Rajveer offers Palki a cool drink and notices her tensed demeanor. Palki confides in him about her fear of Shaurya’s presence. Rajveer assures her of his protection and their gaze locks for a moment. He assures her that she can rely on him and contact him whenever she needs assistance. Palki questions the reason for his kindness towards her, and Rajveer explains that she is a good person and he believes nothing bad will happen to her. When Palki almost drops her cool drink, he comes to her aid. Unbeknownst to them, Jasbeer observes the scene and warns Rajveer to stay away from Palki. She also scolds Palki for her actions. Rajveer clarifies the situation and apologizes to Jasbeer before leaving the area. Jasbeer then instructs Palki to go and wash her dupatta. Shaurya, who has been watching everything, takes note of the situation.

Palki enters the room, and Shaurya inquires about her sudden change. She explains that he hasn’t caused any trouble for her yet. He proudly declares himself as Ketan’s superior. Dismissing his claim, Palki reminds him that respect is earned, not expected. She reluctantly tolerates him because he is a guest. Shaurya warns her to stay away from Rajveer, emphasizing that she is engaged to Ketan. Palki scolds him in response and storms out of the room. Shaurya immediately contacts Sandy and instructs him to come to the guest room.

Meanwhile, Rajveer suspects that Shaurya has a hidden agenda. Concerned, Mahi asks Palki if her uneasiness is a result of Shaurya’s presence. Palki admits feeling irritated and believes that Shaurya is there to seek revenge on her. Mahi reassures her, stating that Shaurya is incapable of causing any harm.

[Episode End]

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