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Kundali Bhagya 29 June 2023 Written Story Update

Kundali Bhagya 29 June 2023 Written Story Update On HindiTvGhar.com

The Episode Starts With Preeta preparing to approach Karan, but Mohit intervenes and leads her inside. Rajveer strategically positions himself, blocking Karan’s view to prevent him from seeing Preeta. Puzzled, Preeta questions Mohit’s motive for taking her inside. Mohit explains that Rajveer doesn’t want her to meet Shaurya’s father. Perplexed, Preeta inquires about Rajveer’s reasons behind this desire. Mohit denies any knowledge of Rajveer’s intentions and swiftly changes the subject to divert her attention. He casually remarks on the striking resemblance between Preeta and Rajveer, urging her to get ready before leaving the room.

Gurpreet arrives with a cup of tea for Karan, mentioning that she has also prepared some snacks for him, before heading inside. Curious, Karan turns to Rajveer and asks about the latter’s thoughts. Just as Gurpreet returns, Karan expresses his need to use the restroom. Taking charge, Gurpreet escorts him to the washroom, while Rajveer, assured that Preeta is not present there, feels a sense of relief.

Preeta prepares herself and begins searching for her earrings, only to realize she left them in the washroom. Determined, she swiftly heads to the washroom to retrieve them, making sure to avoid Karan’s gaze as she hurries away.

Nidhi shares the news with Aarohi that Karan spotted Preeta. Aarohi expresses doubt about Preeta’s ability to handle the situation and states that Karan will do everything possible to locate her. Seeking guidance, Nidhi asks what she should do. Aarohi instructs her to locate Preeta before Karan manages to find her.

In the midst of the tension, Rakhi enters the scene and admonishes Nidhi for causing harm to Dadi. She reaffirms their unwavering love for Preeta, emphasizing that their feelings for her will not change. Rakhi urges Nidhi to control her jealousy, warning her against any further attempts to harm them, before departing.

Curious, Preeta questions Rajveer about the person in the washroom. Rajveer inquires why she went to the washroom, and she explains that she went to retrieve her earrings. Rajveer, feeling hungry, expresses his appetite, and Preeta kindly offers to cook for him. Just as Karan arrives, Rajveer swiftly sends Preeta to the kitchen to avoid her being seen. Karan confronts Rajveer, questioning him about the secret he seems to be hiding.

Nidhi confides in Rakhi that she holds no personal grudges against Preeta, but believes they should not hold false hope. She asserts that Preeta despises the Luthras, which is why she hasn’t come to see them. Rakhi disagrees, insisting it isn’t the case. Nidhi wonders how a mother can hate her own child and reminds Rakhi of the consequences Preeta’s actions had on Shaurya’s brother. Rakhi tearfully departs from the conversation.

Rajveer assures Karan that he isn’t concealing anything and that Karan holds no significance to him. Karan shares his own history of having a similar attitude and extends a job offer to Rajveer, believing it might provide insight into the connection between Rajveer and Preeta. He recognizes Rajveer’s talent as the reason behind the offer. Initially skeptical, Rajveer refuses to trust Karan and rejects the job. However, upon hearing Preeta’s voice, Rajveer realizes he can’t afford to take any risks and accepts the job. Karan embraces him in a hug.

[Episode End]

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