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Kundali Bhagya 17 June 2023 Written Story Update

Kundali Bhagya 17 June 2023 Written Story Update On HindiTvGhar.com

The Episode Starts with Karan pleading with Preeta to open her eyes, expressing his inability to bear her absence. He confesses that he endured two decades without her, but now he cannot fathom spending even a single second without her. Overwhelmed, he admits that if Preeta fails to regain consciousness, he will crumble emotionally. Meanwhile, a heartfelt rendition of the song “Sajdaa” plays softly in the background, underscoring the poignant moment.

Nidhi contacts a contract killer and berates him for his unsuccessful attempt to harm the firefighter. Displeased with his incompetence, she sarcastically remarks on his failure to carry out the assigned task. The contract killer inquires if there is an alternative route to access the servant quarters. Nidhi instructs him to enter through the backdoor and fulfill his duty, emphasizing her desire to never lay eyes on Preeta again. However, their conversation is abruptly interrupted when Rakhi arrives and snatches the phone from Nidhi’s grasp.

Concerned for the firefighter’s well-being, Nidhi examines him and realizes that he is still alive. Urgently requiring an injection to save his life, she requests assistance from Rishabh, who assures her that he will procure the necessary medicine. He consults Palki, who provides him with the name of the required injection. With a sense of urgency, they transport the firefighter inside for immediate medical attention. Meanwhile, the police and the Luthra family’s men intensify their search for the contract killer.

Rakhi inquired Nidhi about the subject of their conversation regarding Preeta. Just then, Kareena approached them. Rakhi informed Kareena that she overheard Nidhi discussing something about Preeta with someone. Nidhi questioned Rakhi about what she had heard. Rakhi replied that Nidhi had instructed someone to take Preeta away from that place. Kareena chimed in, revealing that she had also witnessed Preeta’s presence.

Concerned about the situation, Nidhi warned Rakhi not to behave in such a manner again. She emphasized that she was not discussing Preeta and urged Rakhi to imagine how Shaurya would react if he discovered this incident. Nidhi fabricated a story, claiming that she was actually talking to Aarohi about her club member named Preeto. Aarohi, overhearing this, supported Nidhi’s lie by stating that Nidhi was indeed talking to her. Realizing her mistake, Rakhi apologized to Nidhi, who then left the scene. Kareena expressed her belief that Preeta was still alive.

Meanwhile, a contract killer discreetly entered the servant quarters through the backdoor, with the intention of eliminating Preeta. He declared that he needed to leave after accomplishing this task. To his surprise, he discovered Karan and Preeta together. In a desperate plea, Karan requested him to save Preeta, but soon lost consciousness. The contract killer confirmed that he had come to kill Preeta, and in the process of strangling her, he sustained an injury. Preeta struggled to breathe while Karan eventually regained consciousness and fought back against the contract killer. Unfortunately, Preeta succumbed to unconsciousness.

The contract killer retaliated, overpowering Karan until the latter lost consciousness again. Believing Karan to be Preeta’s husband or lover, he decided to place Preeta in a room filled with blankets. Dragging her away, he received a call from Nidhi. He shared his plan with her and mentioned the presence of a man who could potentially be Preeta’s husband. Nidhi assured him that Karan couldn’t be there. However, when he video called her, revealing Karan’s presence, Nidhi was shocked.

[Episode End]

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