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Kundali Bhagya 19 June 2023 Written Story Update

Kundali Bhagya 19 June 2023 Written Story Update On HindiTvGhar.com

The episode commences with Rajveer frantically searching for Preeta in the servant quarters. Unbeknownst to him, Nidhi conceals herself alongside Preeta. Rajveer assumes that the firefighters have successfully rescued Preeta and Karan, so he ventures outside. In the meantime, Nidhi overhears the sound of approaching footsteps and decides to set fire to the room before making her escape. Noticing the flames, a police inspector promptly instructs a constable to call the firefighters for assistance.

On another front, Palki confronts Shaurya, asserting that he alone is her enemy. She refuses to blame his upbringing and points out that his own thoughts have shaped him into who he is. Palki emphasizes that Shaurya has done nothing to earn respect. Annoyed by her words, Shaurya dismisses her as boring and questions who told her that he had kidnapped her. Palki astutely deduces from his response that he is indeed the culprit behind her abduction. Shaurya, attempting to diffuse the situation, claims to forgive her for slapping him but warns her against attempting it again, threatening future regret. Palki expresses her regret at ever meeting him and criticizes him for resorting to fighting as his only way of dealing with others. Suddenly, she lets out a scream upon discovering an unconscious firefighter lying on the floor.

Rakhi notices the presence of Raja and promptly informs her family about him. Kareena urges Shaurya to apprehend Ravi, prompting him to chase after Raja. Simultaneously, Rajveer pursues AK. Palki examines the fallen firefighter and confirms that he is still alive. Concerned, Kareena and Rakhi decide to inform Rishabh about the presence of the thugs. AK requests Raja’s assistance in escaping, to which Raja reveals that he has been associated with the household for the past 20 years. AK instructs Raja to eliminate Preeta, who is currently in the servant quarters, and Raja heads off with the intention to carry out the task.

Aarohi speculates that the intruder may have been attempting to steal money, but Rakhi suggests that there might be another motive since the intruder entered the servant quarters. Spotting AK, they give chase in pursuit. Meanwhile, Rishabh overhears a noise and decides to leave the area.

Raja discovers Preeta lying unconscious in the servant quarters. Memories flood his mind of her desperate plea for him to spare her daughter. He reflects on the irony of encountering her in such a state after two decades, realizing that she may have met her demise at his hands. In a moment of hesitation, he raises a gun towards her, but abruptly conceals himself upon hearing a noise nearby.

Meanwhile, Rishabh notices AK and a group of individuals approaching. AK brandishes a knife, prompting Rishabh to swiftly launch an attack. AK attempts to flee, but Shaurya intercepts him. AK retaliates by assaulting Shaurya and manages to escape. Shaurya and Rajveer give chase, determined to apprehend AK. Rishabh urgently informs Rakhi about Karan’s situation, while Nidhi speculates that Rishabh hasn’t seen Preeta.

The ladies of the Luthra family gather in Karan’s room. Nidhi urges Kareena to escort Rakhi away. In his sleep, Karan mutters that Preeta is alive, catching Rakhi’s attention. Refusing to leave Karan’s side, Rakhi reveals that she also saw Preeta and implores him to regain consciousness. She steps out momentarily to fetch water.

Raja realizes he cannot bring himself to harm Preeta at this moment. Karan gradually recollects the events that unfolded in the servant quarters and regains consciousness.

[Episode End]

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