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Kundali Bhagya 27 May 2023 Written Story Update

Kundali Bhagya 27 May 2023 Written Story Update On HindiTvGhar.com

The episode commences with a collective gasp as everyone is taken aback by the slideshow featuring Rajveer and Palki’s photographs. Just a few minutes earlier, Mahi confides in Palki that Shaurya’s constant presence is intended to provoke her. Palki herself is growing increasingly irritated by Shaurya’s proximity. She acknowledges that she also experiences an inexplicable sensation whenever Shaurya is around, but suggests they ignore it as it is a special day for Palki. Palki then asks Mahi to share her thoughts about Rajveer, suspecting that there might be something in his eyes for her. In response, Palki denies such claims and questions why Mahi would inquire about her feelings towards Rajveer. Mahi clarifies that she doesn’t harbor any romantic interest in Rajveer, but reveals that Rajveer is fond of Palki. Palki expresses her bewilderment at Mahi’s line of questioning, reminding her that she is engaged to Ketan and finds it inappropriate to discuss her connection with Rajveer.

On the contrary, Rajveer inquires about Shaurya’s intentions. Shaurya confesses that he only came to attend the wedding. Rajveer, aware of Shaurya’s nature, insists that there must be a reason behind his actions and urges him to be truthful about why he chose to skip the concert and attend the marriage instead. Shaurya reveals that Palki brings him misfortune, and Rajveer also adds to his troubles. He came to confront them both. Curious about Shaurya’s plans, Rajveer probes further. Shaurya assures him that he won’t let Palki’s wedding go unnoticed by anyone, including himself. Determined to uncover Shaurya’s plan, Rajveer refuses to let him leave and even grabs hold of him. In the midst of the situation, Shaurya notices Ketan’s boss and decides to play innocent. Ketan’s boss intervenes, instructing Rajveer to release Shaurya, and proceeds to take Shaurya away from there.

Meanwhile, Mahi engages in a conversation with Palki, mentioning that she will receive numerous marriage proposals after Palki’s own wedding. Mahi admits her fondness for Rajveer and asks Palki what she would do if Rajveer were to develop feelings for someone else. Just then, a girl arrives and informs them that everyone is waiting for the bride. Mahi and the girl accompany Palki to the wedding altar. Daljeet, observing Palki, remarks that she is radiating with an unparalleled glow, even brighter than the moon. Palki settles beside Ketan, ready to begin the wedding ceremony.

Vishal extends his apologies for interrupting their gathering and introduces himself as Ketan’s cousin. He assures them that Ketan is anything but a dull filmmaker, which is why Ketan had already arranged his honeymoon plans. In an attempt to showcase Ketan’s romantic side, he instructs the DJ to start the projector. The audience becomes captivated as they witness the enchanting honeymoon plan devised by Ketan. Mahi turns to Daljeet and expresses her admiration for Ketan’s genuine romantic nature. Daljeet wonders if they made a mistake by changing the bride, but Mahi reassures her that her heart is steadfast and she would never betray Palki. Overwhelmed with emotion, Daljeet embraces her daughter tightly.

Vishal takes the opportunity to speak highly of Ketan and praises his virtues. However, Ketan humbly requests him to cease the flattery. Suddenly, a wave of astonishment washes over everyone as a slideshow showcasing Rajveer and Palki’s photos begins playing. All eyes are fixated on Palki, the center of attention.

[Episode End]

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