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Kundali Bhagya 14th May 2023 Written Story Update

Kundali Bhagya 14th May 2023 Written Story Update On HindiTvGhar.com

Palki and Rajveer were locked in a gaze, with neither of them willing to look away. Rajveer eventually apologized, explaining that he only wanted Palki to stay behind him because the room appeared to have been unoccupied for a long time and he was afraid that there might be lizards and other reptiles around. Palki was taken aback and asked if he thought that all girls were scared. Rajveer quickly clarified that he did not mean all girls, but only Palki because she reminded him of her aunt. Palki asked Rajveer if he would call her “aunt,” but he just laughed and said that he would never do that.

Afterwards, Rajveer told Palki that he was going to get the lights that Daljeet auntie had requested. Palki offered to turn on the lights so that he wouldn’t trip and fall, but when Rajveer went to grab the lights, he got scared and ended up jumping onto a nearby chair. Palki couldn’t help but laugh at his reaction, which made Rajveer unable to take his eyes off of her. He assured her that he wasn’t flirting, but genuinely thought that she had a beautiful smile. Palki found herself staring at Rajveer, who was also smiling.

Shaurya’s hired men arrived at the house and began checking to make sure they had all the necessary items for the task. Rajveer apologized to Palki if he had hurt her with his previous words. Palki asked him when it became common for friends to become angry with each other. Rajveer then went to retrieve the box of lights, and Palki helped him place them on the chair. She didn’t notice the lizard at first, but once she saw it, she hugged Palki. Rajveer asked her not to scream as he hugged her, as he didn’t want anyone to think he was forcing her. Palki replied that she enjoyed hugging him. However, she immediately realized her mistake and stepped back, explaining that she didn’t mean what she said. Rajveer reassured her that he knew what she meant and joked that he was really smart. Mahi saw them both and asked Palki to call him if she needed any help, as he knew how to do a lot of things, and neighbors tend to help each other. When Palki agreed to leave, they both got stuck at the door, and Rajveer gestured for Palki to go first.

Sanju questions Shaurya’s behavior as he hits the ball against the door. In response, Shaurya suggests they check the time since it’s been an hour and there’s no update from Jackie. He asks for his phone, which Sandy throws at him. Although Shaurya manages to catch it, Sanju gets frightened when he boasts about being Karan Luthra’s son and having good catching skills. Shaurya contacts Jackie, who informs him that everyone in the house is occupied and waiting for the right moment.

Palki climbs on a stool to repair the light and flowers, but Rajveer insists on doing it for her. While Palki is getting a call from Ketan, she ignores it initially. Rajveer urges her to answer, and Ketan questions if she’s changed her mind about something. Palki is puzzled by Ketan’s tone and asks why he’s speaking to her like that. Ketan advises her to keep her distance from Rajveer, but Palki defends Rajveer, saying he is a kind person.

Rajveer resigned, citing the need for additional lights for the decoration. Rajveer and Palki went to fetch the lights, while Jackie and his partner left, intending to abduct Palki while everyone else was sleeping.

While on the phone, Mr. Khurana noticed Rajveer and Palki working together. He expressed his belief that a partner is someone who assists their partner in times of need and prayed that Bhagwan would do what is best for them.

Daljeet approached Mr. Khurana and inquired about the guest list. Mr. Khurana informed him that he had only invited those who were on the list. Daljeet was enraged, claiming that he had not invited even half of the guests.

As Mohit approaches, Daljeet suggests that he invite the other guests while she departs with her uncle. Mr. Khurana proposes that Mohit accompany Daljeet, but Mohit resists, citing Mr. Khurana’s marriage to her. Palki chastises him, and he apologizes, attributing his tension to earlier reprimands.

Daljeet notes that she must also retrieve a pair of heels from Mahi’s friend, which she needs for her upcoming shoot. Mr. Khurana declines to visit anyone’s house, prompting Daljeet to volunteer to retrieve the footwear herself. After taking the money, Mr. Khurana departs.

Mohit was sitting and explaining to his friends that there was no network in that area and that he would call them from his house instead. Rajveer responded by saying that he had a problem in his mind and that he was too lazy. This angered Mohit, and he said that their relationship had ended before leaving.

While Rajveer and Palki were working, they stumbled and looked at each other. Mahi approached them and asked Rajveer to fix the broken latch on their bathroom door. Palki also asked him to fix it since they needed the extra bathroom. Rajveer asked where the bathroom was, and Mahi walked with him to show him.

Jackie and his men were standing outside the house when he mentioned that he was very hungry. Jackie asked him to go and find something to eat, but his accomplice informed him that he did not know any places since they had just come to kidnap someone. Suddenly, someone placed their arms on their shoulders, and they both got scared.

Upon reaching the bathroom, Rajveer inquires if it is broken but soon realizes that it is functioning properly. He wonders if it was broken from the inside and decides to enter the bathroom. Meanwhile, Mahi, who had intentionally ruined the latch, eagerly anticipates getting stuck with Rajveer. She plans to manipulate him into falling in love with her, and her face lights up with a smile as she thinks about her scheme coming to fruition.

When Jackie and his partner see Shaurya, they express their joy at his arrival. Shaurya questions their intentions, suspecting that they plan to kidnap someone. However, they clarify that they are merely hungry. Shaurya asks if anyone has spotted them, and they respond that everyone knows about their presence. His anger rising, Shaurya chastises them, but they explain that they meant their own family members. Shaurya suggests that they should go eat something while he keeps watch over the house. Despite this, Jackie remains standing. Sanju and Sandy demand that he leave, but he disregards their orders. Shaurya predicts that Palki’s life is going to be ruined tonight, and he relishes the thought of her suffering.

[Episode End]

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