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Kundali Bhagya 16 June 2023 Written Story Update

Kundali Bhagya 16 June 2023 Written Story Update On HindiTvGhar.com

The Episode Starts with Shaurya expressing his frustration about his family insulting him in front of strangers. Rakhi reassures him that nobody is actually insulting him. However, Shaurya predicts what Rakhi is about to say next. Mahesh intervenes, urging Shaurya not to speak disrespectfully to Rakhi. Meanwhile, Shaurya struggles to breathe, indicating his distress. Nidhi comments that ultimately everyone ends up blaming Shaurya for various reasons. Rajveer urges them not to argue at that moment due to Mahesh’s deteriorating health. Shaurya points out that Mahesh cannot become a part of the Luthra family by speaking in such a manner. Kareena intervenes, requesting Shaurya to calm down.

Despite the situation, Mahesh refuses to go to his room. Rakhi then appeals to a police inspector to arrest her instead. Mahesh questions her motive behind making such a statement. Reminding him of his previous heart attack, Rakhi expresses concern for his well-being. Rajveer reassures Mahesh that he will not engage in a conflict with Shaurya and promises to reveal the truth later. He advises Mahesh to rest for the time being. Mahesh agrees, stating that he will return after taking his medication. Kareena accompanies him to his room.

On the flip side, amidst the chaos, a firefighter stumbles upon a contract killer and immediately alerts his colleagues. The contract killer launches an attack on the firefighter. Meanwhile, Aarohi confides in Nidhi, expressing relief that no one ventured outside to investigate. Nidhi informs her that the contract killer is not answering the phone. Aarohi speculates that he must be occupied and will call back once he completes his task.

In another conversation, Kareena informs Rishabh that she administered medication to Mahesh, who is now resting. Palki arrives and inquires about their well-being. Shaurya admonishes her for pretending to be virtuous. Rajveer advises him against making such statements. Palki defends Rajveer, stating that he hasn’t done anything wrong. Shaurya declares his willingness to file an official complaint against Rajveer with the police inspector. Palki, on the other hand, expresses her desire to file an official complaint against Shaurya for kidnapping.

The contract killer instructs the other firefighters to transport his injured teammate to a doctor within 15 minutes. Karan regains consciousness and approaches Preeta.

Rakhi intervenes, informing Palki that the accusations are significant. Nidhi argues that Shaurya is not a criminal and questions why everyone is supporting Palki. Rishabh explains that they are standing by the truth. Nidhi accuses Rajveer of pursuing this path for money. Rajveer counters, asserting that money holds no importance for him and that humanity and relationships cannot be bought with it.

Rajveer and Shaurya had their first encounter at a bus accident scene. Rajveer filed a complaint against Shaurya because his aunt was injured in the accident. Shaurya claimed that Rajveer ruined his music company launch party. Rajveer countered that Shaurya had tried to kill him after being released from jail.

Shaurya accused Rajveer and Palki of lying. Rajveer stated that Palki was a significant person to him and that he would not tolerate any disrespect towards her. He informed the Luthras about Shaurya’s actions at Palki’s house on her wedding day. Palki stated that Shaurya had humiliated her in order to get revenge on her. Her family had also suffered as a result of Shaurya’s actions.

A firefighter informed them about a contract killer. He stated that the contract killer had attacked his colleague. He took Palki to treat his colleague. The police went to look for the contract killer. Nidhi disconnected the contract killer’s calls. The contract killer decided that it was too dangerous a job and that he would not take the risk.

[Episode End]

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