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Kundali Bhagya 09 June 2023 Written Story Update

Kundali Bhagya 09 June 2023 Written Story Update On HindiTvGhar.com

The Episode Starts with Karan dialing Nidhi’s number from the landline, but she promptly disconnects the call, presuming it to be the servant trying to reach her. Nidhi asserts her determination to seek retribution against Rajveer to the Luthra family. Rakhi recollects how Rajveer had aided her in the past. When Karan tries to contact Rakhi, she also dismisses his call abruptly, leaving him perplexed as to why no one is answering. Concerned for Preeta’s safety, he promptly contacts the fire brigade and resolves to prevent any harm befalling her. Karan races towards the servant quarters. Meanwhile, Preeta struggles to breathe and collapses. Karan is taken aback upon witnessing her condition and realizes that the door is inaccessible due to the fire. He reassures her, urging her not to fear as he hastens to her aid. Employing the window as his entry point, he gains access to the servant quarters.

Concurrently, Rajveer hands over his phone to the Luthras. Nidhi admonishes him, stating that he will face the consequences for his actions. Sandy asserts that he had suspected Rajveer’s intentions upon spotting him at the party. Rajveer urges Sandy not to interfere. Rishabh reproaches Rajveer, reminding him of his misconduct and berating the event manager for hiring him. Rishabh discloses Rajveer’s affiliation with their rival company. The Luthras collectively decide to confine Rajveer within a room. Mahesh warns Rajveer against any escape attempts, and they proceed to lock him away.

As Preeta and Karan’s eyes meet, the melodious tune of the song “Sajdaa” fills the background. Preeta alerts Karan to the fire behind him, prompting him to gaze at her intently. She pulls him away to ensure his safety, leaving him shocked to find Preeta standing before him. To protect her from the encroaching flames, he embraces her tightly. In the midst of this intense moment, Preeta experiences flashbacks and begins to cough. Concerned, Karan inquires about her well-being, and she questions why he has come there. Puzzled, he wonders why she addressed him as “aap” (a respectful form of “you”).

Mahesh inquires of Rishabh why the police haven’t arrived yet. Rishabh advises him to remain calm. Mahesh acknowledges that Shaurya may have done something wrong, but that doesn’t justify Rajveer toying with Shaurya’s life. Rakhi urges him not to get angry and turns to Rishabh, asking about Rajveer’s statement.

Nidhi informs Rakhi that Rajveer sought revenge on Shaurya because Palki’s wedding was canceled due to Shaurya’s actions. Rakhi acknowledges that Shaurya also made mistakes and scolds Nidhi for not keeping an eye on him. She mentions that Shaurya even insults his own family members and reveals something she discovered in Shaurya’s room. Rishabh and Mahesh are shocked by her revelation.

Rakhi regrets not having stopped Shaurya had she known his intentions earlier. She questions how Nidhi could have known when she herself was unaware. Nidhi complains about always being blamed by Rakhi and asserts that Rajveer was the one at fault. Rakhi tells Nidhi to teach Shaurya the difference between right and wrong.

Shaurya regains consciousness and recalls the events that transpired. Kareena informs him that Rajveer is responsible for the accident. Dadi advises caution, mentioning that they cannot accuse Rajveer without evidence. Shaurya remembers seeing Rajveer near the microphone wires.

[Episode End]

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