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Kundali Bhagya 28 May 2023 Written Story Update

Kundali Bhagya 28 May 2023 Written Story Update On HindiTvGhar.com

The episode commences with a collective sense of astonishment as Palki and Rajveer’s photographs are revealed. Palki catches Ketan’s attention, prompting him to rise and fix his gaze upon her. The guests, overwhelmed by the revelation, begin to speak ill of Palki. Sensing the escalating tension, Rajveer interjects and calls for the projector to be halted. Meanwhile, Mohit and Mahi frantically search for the remote, unaware that Shaurya has surreptitiously concealed it. Taking matters into his own hands, Rajveer disconnects the wire, temporarily halting the slide show.

Undeterred, Ketan asserts that halting the presentation will not alter the truth. He declares that he is not foolish enough to marry Palki after discovering the truth, ripping off the garland and deriding Palki in the process. Shaurya, who had located the remote, announces that he has found it and deliberately drops it.

Seizing the opportunity, Rajveer attempts to attack Shaurya, who swiftly defends himself by asserting that he is merely a guest attending the wedding. Shaurya reminds everyone of Rajveer’s actions, expressing his disbelief at the betrayal committed by both Palki and Rajveer. Though he initially wished to remain uninvolved, as he is from the groom’s side, Shaurya asserts that he will support the groom. Addressing Rajveer, he acknowledges Ketan’s virtuous character as the reason why he has refrained from reacting thus far.

He asserts that Palki comes from a good family, while Ketan has been betrayed. Preeta reprimands Shaurya for discussing Palki, but he explains that he is not accustomed to such matters, yet he feels obliged to support Ketan and his family today. He asserts that Ketan has been betrayed, as confirmed by his uncle. Shaurya expresses his disappointment in Rajveer and Palki for their wrongful actions towards Ketan, particularly considering Rajveer’s previous lecture on goodness and truth during an award ceremony. He finds Rajveer and Palki’s behavior disgusting and questions Palki about how she could do such a thing. He tells her that he held her in high regard and never expected this from her. He reminds her of the times when she guided him on the right path but has now chosen the wrong one for herself. He firmly states that Palki should not have done this. Shailendra intervenes, urging Shaurya to stop and leave the situation.

Shaurya confronts Rajveer about the damage Palki has caused to his family’s reputation, stating that Shailendra is unable to face anyone because of her actions. Simmi agrees with Shaurya and reveals that she witnessed Rajveer and Palki together in a room. Rajveer defends Palki and reprimands Simmi for questioning her character, insisting that he respects her. Shaurya suggests that Rajveer and Palki must have had a great time together, which leads Rajveer to slap Shaurya in anger. Undeterred, Shaurya asserts that everyone witnessed the truth and Rajveer cannot silence them all. He then walks away, followed by Sandy and Sanju. Rajveer stops Shaurya and admonishes him for crossing the limits, promising to make him cry for stooping so low. Shaurya dismissively tells Rajveer to go inside.

Meanwhile, Daljeet apologizes to Jasbeer and Ketan, clarifying that it was all a misunderstanding and that Palki is not the person they think she is. Rajveer finally enters the house, and Shaurya settles down to observe the unfolding drama. Ketan warns Rajveer not to say a word and directs his anger towards Palki for spending time with Rajveer.

[Episode End]

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