Junooniyatt 29 May 2023 Written Story Update

Junooniyatt 29 May 2023 Written Story Update On HindiTvGhar.com

The episode commences with Abhishek urging Jahan to reveal his decision. Ilahi intervenes, urging Jahan to accept the deal. Jahan expresses his apologies to Abhishek but firmly states that he cannot accept the offer. Surprised, Abhishek questions Jahan, wondering if he has lost his sanity, emphasizing the missed opportunity. Jahan maintains his denial, prompting Ilahi to inquire why he rejected such a promising offer. Ilahi highlights the potential for Jahan to achieve his dreams through this deal and expresses her disappointment at his rejection. In response, Jahan assures Ilahi that his dreams will only be realized when they are together and suggests they pursue their aspirations as a team.

Meanwhile, Abhishek updates Jordan on Jahan’s situation, disclosing everything he knows about him. He angrily reprimands Jordan for failing to convince Jahan to sign the deal and demands that he find a way to persuade him. Abhishek insists on removing Jahan from Ilahi’s life.

Later, Amardeep asks Ilahi about the arrival of her friend, revealing his eagerness to meet him. Ilahi assures Amardeep that her friend will arrive as soon as possible. Ginni, curious about the visitor, inquires with Biji about their identity. Ilahi then calls Jahan, informing him that he is waiting outside. She escorts him inside and introduces him to Amardeep and the others. Amardeep recognizes Jahan and commends his musical talent. Ginni informs Biji that Jahan used to wander around with a guitar and is currently working as a pizza seller. Jahan humbly seeks the blessings of everyone present.

Ilahi gives Jahan a signal to hand over the sweets to him, and he acknowledges her with a nod. Meanwhile, he engages in a casual conversation, discussing various unrelated topics. Sensing something suspicious, Ginni confides in Biji about her gut feeling. Lucky warmly greets Jahan, prompting Amardeep to inquire if they are acquainted. Lucky confidently asserts that he knows everyone. It is revealed that Jahan is currently staying with Dharmendar. Taking the sweets, Jahan bids farewell and departs. Amardeep seizes the opportunity to ask if Jahan is Ilahi’s classmate, to which Jahan responds affirmatively, mentioning that they attend the same college. He further explains that he has come to seek permission from Amardeep to sing with Ilahi in the prestigious Great Indian Voice competition. Biji recollects Mahi’s condition, suggesting that Ilahi might sing with Jordan in the competition.

Curious about Jahan’s musical background, Amardeep inquires if he has received any training in classical music. Jahan denies having any formal training and reveals that he has learned music on his own. Amardeep requests Jahan to showcase his singing skills right there and then, wanting to witness both Jahan and Ilahi singing together to assess their musical compatibility. Jahan and Ilahi proceed to sing in unison, captivating Amardeep and the rest of his family with their melodious performance. Amardeep expresses his appreciation for Jahan’s music and praises Ilahi for her excellent choice. As he has to leave for work, Amardeep invites Jahan to enjoy a cup of tea before bidding them farewell. Biji confides in Ginni, revealing that Mahi’s request to allow Ilahi to sing with Jordan has put her in a difficult position, and she feels compelled to take some action in this matter.

Jahan intervenes as Amardeep tries to leave and expresses his desire to marry Ilahi, confessing his love for her. Amardeep, curious, inquires if Ilahi loves Jahan as well, and Ilahi nods in affirmation. Biji, feeling things slipping out of her control, realizes she must take action to halt this union. Addressing Jahan, she scorns him for having the audacity to seek Ilahi’s hand, suggesting they may grant permission for them to sing together in the competition but forbidding any further developments. Biji questions Ilahi, wondering if she is engaging in such behavior at college, reminding her that music was merely a passion, not an obsession. She then scolds Amardeep for supporting Ilahi, while Ginni and others join in humiliating Jahan. Undeterred, Jahan reveals that his parents reside in Canada, implying that if they were present, they would have sought Ilahi’s hand for him. Ginni queries their occupation, to which Jahan clarifies they work there rather than engaging in business.

Happy joins the fray, hurling insults at Jahan, and quotes his father, emphasizing that the magnitude of their work is inconsequential as long as their hands are clean. Ginni interjects, highlighting the importance of money and questioning Jahan’s future prospects. Unfazed, Jahan declares his willingness to do anything to ensure Ilahi’s happiness. Biji proceeds to belittle him, expressing her indifference towards his continued presence in their home, but adamantly opposing his marriage to Ilahi. Jahan, resolute, asserts he will not leave until Amardeep makes a decision. Amardeep echoes Biji’s sentiments and asks Jahan if he heard her words. Jahan dismisses their concerns, regarding them as mere elders whose words he does not take seriously. Amardeep questions whether Jahan will be able to fulfill Ilahi’s dreams, and what he would do if his family opposes their union. Jahan assures him that their dreams align, vowing to fight for Ilahi’s aspirations and ensure her everlasting happiness. He adds that his family adores her and will support her dreams. Amardeep, impressed with Ilahi’s choice, urges Jahan to initiate a video call with his parents. Biji attempts to interrupt, but Amardeep asserts his authority over decisions in Ilahi’s life. He announces their engagement for the following day, informing Mahi about the development. Jordan causes a scene in response, prompting Mahi to instruct him to feign happiness for the wedding, assuring him that she will arrange for him to marry Ilahi.

[Episode End]

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