Junooniyatt 23 June 2023 Written Story Update

Junooniyatt 23 June 2023 Written Story Update On HindiTvGhar.com

The Episode Starts With Ilahi excitedly trying on her new clothes, while Mehta’s family admires her impeccable selection and new hairstyle. However, Mahi and Jordan can’t help but smirk at her. Taking notice of Ilahi’s uncertainty, Tina steps in to show her how to pose confidently. Ilahi reminisces about Jahan’s earlier advice, which she finds comforting. Meanwhile, Tina urges Jordan to hurry up and get ready. Curious about her appearance, Ilahi seeks Rasika’s opinion, and she nods approvingly. Grateful for Jahan’s support in restoring her self-assurance, Ilahi expresses her heartfelt appreciation.

Later on, Jahan reflects on Baljeet’s counsel, urging him to reveal the truth. At the same time, Jahan initiates a video call with Ilahi, concerned about her well-being and whereabouts. However, to his dismay, he cannot see her. Instead, Jordan takes the opportunity to mock Jahan, engaging in conversation using a woman’s voice. Tina reminds Ilahi to focus on the photoshoot, while Jordan playfully insists that Jahan should speak with him because he was Ilahi’s first love. Annoyed and bewildered, Jahan questions Jordan’s tormenting behavior, unable to comprehend why he is denying Ilahi access to her own phone. Jordan asserts that Ilahi does not wish to converse with Jahan and has discovered the truth. Furthermore, Jordan declares that Ilahi has chosen her lifelong companion and displays a photograph of her looking genuinely content. Tina suggests that Jordan stand beside her and smile for the camera, causing Jahan great anguish as he observes their apparent happiness together. Distraught, Jahan recollects the promise he made to Ilahi, pleading with her not to cut her hair, and finds himself questioning the authenticity of their current situation.

Tina encourages everyone to strike a pose, leading Jordan to smirk provocatively at Jahan. Tina then proposes taking a selfie with Jahan, but he declines. Jordan asserts that Ilahi has trimmed her hair and has moved on, urging Jahan to do the same. Refusing to accept the situation, Jahan challenges Jordan to hand over Ilahi’s phone if he dares. He demands the return of her phone, prompting Jordan to recall how Ilahi had misplaced it. Suggesting he will buy her a new phone, Jordan gifts her a new SIM card, leaving Ilahi worried about losing her contacts. Meanwhile, Jordan remains aware that Jahan may try to contact Ilahi at any cost, which is why he took her phone in the first place. Jahan, feeling distressed, claims that he has gone insane, but Jordan asserts that Ilahi is now his wife and has moved on in her life, imploring Jahan to do the same and move forward.

Tina requested them to strike a pose. Jordan exchanged a smirk with Jahan. Tina then asked Jordan to take a selfie with her, but he declined. Jordan remarked to Jahan that Tina had trimmed her hair and seemed enchanted. He mentioned that she had moved on in her life and suggested that Jahan should do the same. Jahan questioned whether Jordan had the courage to hand over the phone to him, insisting that he give it to her. Jordan recollected how Ilahi had searched for her phone and asked where she had lost it. He decided to buy her a new phone and presented her with a new SIM card. Ilahi believed that all her contacts were stored in it. Jordan suspected that Jahan would try to contact Ilahi at any cost, which led him to steal her phone. Jahan accused Jordan of losing his sanity. Jordan asserted that Ilahi was his wife and had moved on in her life, urging Jahan to do the same.

Jahan persisted in asking Jordan to return the phone to Ilahi. He informed Jordan that Ilahi never hated him. Jordan insisted that she had changed and mentioned that Jahan had complimented her long hair, prompting her to cut it. Jahan expressed his disbelief and insisted on talking to Ilahi to verify the truth. In response, Jordan abruptly ended the call. Jahan wondered how Ilahi could hate him. In the meantime, Jahan sang at a pub, reminiscing about his moments with Ilahi. He felt pain while thinking about Ilahi and Jordan. The audience praised his heartfelt voice, recognizing the depth of his emotions. Meanwhile, Jordan searched for Ilahi and overheard her conversation with someone on the phone. Frustrated, he mistakenly thought it was Jahan. He forcefully took the phone from her and held her hand tightly, instructing Jahan not to call Ilahi again, as she was his wife. Ilahi clarified that she was not Jahan and requested him to give the phone to her. Meanwhile, the guests continued to appreciate Jahan’s performance. Baljeet called Seerat, seeking her immediate assistance. He lost his balance and fell down.

Ilahi confronted Jordan, questioning his behavior towards her. She asserted that he had no right to treat her in such a manner. Her hand was bleeding, and she refused to let him touch her, emphasizing that she knew what was right or wrong. Ilahi pleaded with Jordan to start trusting her.

[Episode End]

Precap : Jordan will express to Ilahi his commitment to fulfilling all her dreams, making heartfelt promises to her. Observing this, Mahi becomes determined to prevent this from occurring. Meanwhile, Jahan enjoys a drink with Seerat, contemplating his upcoming journey to India.

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