Junooniyatt 26 May 2023 Written Story Update

Junooniyatt 26 May 2023 Written Story Update On HindiTvGhar.com

The episode begins with Jahan confiding in Ilahi about his aspirations. He expresses that their dreams may differ, but he believes they should strive to achieve them together. Ilahi agrees, acknowledging that their dreams are what unite them. Curious about Jahan’s dream, she inquires, and he reveals his desire to bring his parents back to India. Jahan vividly recalls the disgrace they endured in Canada and suspects that someone deliberately framed them and sent them away. Determined to seek justice for his parents, Jahan vows to confront the person responsible and win the competition as a means to bring his parents back home.

Meanwhile, Biji confides in Mahi, mentioning her intention to inform Amardeep about the alliance. However, Mahi requests her not to disclose it to him just yet. Meanwhile, Jahan prompts Ilahi to share her own dreams with him. Ilahi reveals that her sister, Diljhot, had left their home, taking her away. Ilahi longs to bring her sister back and reunite their family. Without hesitation, Jahan pledges to help fulfill her dreams, emphasizing their shared commitment to achieving their aspirations together.

In the midst of their conversation, Amardeep unexpectedly calls Ilahi. He questions her about choosing a partner for the competition. Ilahi decides to inform him of her decision at home. Excitedly, she suggests to Jahan that he meet her father the following day, intending to reveal their partnership and their deeper connection as life partners. Ilahi admits that she hasn’t concealed anything from her father thus far. Jahan assures her that he will speak to her father, promising his support and understanding.

Later, Dharmendra excitedly informs Jahan that luck has favored him. Abhishek, overhearing the conversation, tells Jahan that his boss witnessed his outstanding performance in the great Indian voice competition and was impressed by his songs. Consequently, the boss offered Jahan a lucrative three-album contract. Abhishek emphasizes how fortunate Jahan is to receive such a deal and urges him not to let this opportunity slip away. Jahan nods in agreement, acknowledging the significance of the offer.

Shortly afterward, Jahan shares the news with Ilahi, expressing that he has secured a new album contract. He explains that signing this contract would enable them to fulfill their shared aspiration. Ilahi, acknowledging Jahan’s rapid rise to stardom, expresses happiness for him and acknowledges the good opportunity he has received. However, Ilahi regrets that she cannot participate with Jahan in the competition, explaining that Jahan needs to choose another partner.

Meanwhile, Jordan, speaking to Abhishek, voices concern that Jahan’s life will be ruined if he signs the contract. He questions whether Jahan has already signed it. Abhishek replies that Jahan was overjoyed upon receiving the contract and is determined to sign it. Jordan suggests that Ilahi should partner with Jahan in the competition and in life, implying that if Jahan signs the contract, he will be disqualified from the competition. Jordan reveals his intention to have Jahan record a song, but he assures Abhishek that he will ensure the song remains unreleased. Abhishek reassures Jordan, affirming his support and understanding of the plan.

Jahan believes that if he signs the contract, Ilahi will be left alone, as he has the responsibility of taking care of his parents. However, Ilahi reassures him not to worry about the competition and to move forward. His top priority is bringing his parents back to India, and she promises to find another partner for herself. Ilahi informs Jahan about his interview with her father the next day, warning him about Amardeep, a strict and perfectionist individual. She offers to guide him on how to communicate with her father and playfully mimics Amardeep during a mock interview with Jahan. Nervously, Jahan answers her questions, and she teases him playfully. They spend quality time together until Dolly calls Jahan. He informs her that he plans to bring his parents back to India as soon as possible, and Dolly expresses her happiness upon hearing the news. Jahan opens up to Dolly, sharing his worries and concerns. Dolly tells him that Ilahi genuinely loves him and supports his decisions, but he shouldn’t abandon her. She advises him to disregard his rational thoughts and instead listen to his heart, believing that it will lead him to make the right decision.

Dadi examined the jewels, and Mehta inquired if she intended to give them to Jordan. She clarified that they were meant for Dolly’s baby, but she didn’t know the gender yet. Regardless, she planned to gift the jewels to the newborn. Mehta cautioned her against informing anyone about it. Had he managed to discover where they were headed? Unfortunately, he hadn’t been able to find their address. Dadi assured him that they would be remembered, as they were being watched by God. She believed that God would reunite them with the recipient soon. Mahi overheard their conversation and concluded that Mehta was causing trouble for her, while Jordan had troubled her in the past.

Later, Dolly engaged in a video call with Ilahi and they were teasing Jahan there. They reassured Ilahi that they were on his side. Dolly advised Jahan to buy a box of sweets when he met Amardeep. Abhishek called Jahan to confirm if he was going to accept the contract, and he tried to persuade him to sign it. Jahan reminisced about the moments he had shared with Ilahi and his parents. Ilahi encouraged him to accept the contract.

Afterward, Mahi met with a detective and requested that he gather all the information about Baljeet’s family, stressing the importance of keeping the truth hidden from everyone.

[Episode End]

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