Junooniyatt 16 June 2023 Written Story Update

Junooniyatt 16 June 2023 Written Story Update On HindiTvGhar.com

The episode begins with Husna informing Jahan that Ilahi is now married to Jordan. Jahan is taken aback and asks if Husna is joking with him, finding it impossible to believe. Husna insists that he shouldn’t try to communicate with Ilahi and that they can’t talk anymore. Jahan expresses his concern for Ilahi and explains that he worries about her. Husna questions him, asking if he truly worried about her, then why did he betray her by leaving without informing her?

Meanwhile, the doctor advises the family to take care of Ilahi. Jordan assures the doctor that he will take care of her. In the meantime, Husna narrates everything to Jahan, but she refuses to listen to his explanations and demands that he not contact them again. Overwhelmed with emotions, Jahan reminisces about his moments with Ilahi and breaks down in tears. Ilahi notices a bracelet on the floor and picks it up.

Jahan accidentally collides with a stranger, hurting his hand with shards of glass while trying to retrieve the bracelet. He breaks down in tears again, convinced that he didn’t betray Ilahi. Later, Jordan asks Mahi if Ilahi will recover and questions if he had hurt her intentionally. Jordan expresses his love for Ilahi and shares that her pain hurts him deeply.

Mahi advises Jordan to forget everything and focus on the next steps. Jordan assures her that he will take care of everything. Meanwhile, Mahi asks Ilahi to rest and requests that she refer to her as “mom” from now on. She informs Ilahi that Amardeep is eagerly waiting for her. Jordan overhears the conversation. Amardeep excitedly talks about meeting Ilahi and asks Biji if she liked his gift. Biji nods in approval.

Later, Mahi instructs Ilahi not to meet her father that day as her family might have negative impressions upon seeing her in her current condition. Ilahi assures them that she will make them understand everything.

Jordan asks everyone to leave so he can have a private conversation with Ilahi. He explains to her that Amardeep might misunderstand him, but Ilahi reassures him that he won’t jump to conclusions. Jordan manipulates her, urging her to postpone meeting his father for another day. He convinces her that the media might twist their story, and he is willing to listen to anything she wants if it makes her happy.

Amardeep video calls Ilahi and asks when she will arrive. Ilahi informs him that they are unable to go and lies about not feeling well. She manages to deceive him and ends the call. Mahi and Jordan share a smirking moment. Ginni comments on how Ilahi’s character has changed after marrying into a wealthy household. Husna speaks to Amardeep in a comforting manner, and he expresses his suspicion that she is hiding something from him. He mentions that her behavior has changed from how it used to be before.

Her anger towards him shattered her heart. He beseeches her to meet Ilahi and ensure her well-being. She consoles him, but Ilahi is overwhelmed with emotion, remembering Biji’s words. She apologizes to her father for concealing the truth, feeling like everything is slipping out of her grasp. Meanwhile, Jahan plays a melancholic tune on his flute, signaling that this is just the beginning. Jordan believes that she must be punished for causing him pain, and once she endures it, she will forget Jahan. In an attempt to make amends, Jordan presents a necklace to Ilahi, who hesitates to accept it. He reminds her that she postponed the ritual for his sake, deserving the gift. Grateful for his support, Ilahi acknowledges him as a friend but cannot see him as anything more. He insists she keeps the necklace as a token of their friendship.

Later, Mahi requests Rasika to send food to their room, where Jordan brings Ilahi. Tina admires the necklace, while Rasika disapproves of it. Varun informs Mahi that the media is questioning why Jordan married in such a simple manner, with Rasika adding that they also wondered why he married a local girl. Determined to put an end to the gossip, Mahi decides to throw a party and introduces Ilahi to everyone. Despite Grandpa’s suggestion to wait for Inder’s return, Mahi believes they cannot delay the celebration. Nervous, Ilahi overhears the conversation. Subsequently, the family engages in discussions about the party arrangements. Ilahi worries about concealing her emotional wounds from everyone, but Jordan assures her that they will handle it. Rasika questions Ilahi’s comfort level with the grand party, considering she has never attended such an event before. Ilahi agrees to attend, and Grandma suggests she invite her friends as well. Ilahi gains permission to invite her family.

Meanwhile, Husna arrives to meet Ilahi, overjoyed to see her and the gifts from her father. Rasika dismisses Husna, believing she is beneath their social status. Husna inquires about Ilahi’s well-being, as Amardeep was concerned for her. Ilahi tries to hide the truth but realizes she can’t keep anything from Husna. Frustrated, Ilahi explains that she can’t fathom Jahan’s betrayal and asks Husna to find a way to contact him. Husna contemplates whether to reveal the truth or not, but before she can decide, Tina interrupts their conversation. Husna concludes that it’s best not to disclose the truth to Tina. Ilahi informs Husna about the upcoming party, hoping it will bring her comfort. Rasika argues with Varun for not stopping Mahi’s decisions. Ilahi urges Husna to contact Jahan’s parents, and Husna advises her to move on with her life. Ilahi expresses her desire to understand why Jahan left for Canada. Unbeknownst to them, Jordan overhears their conversation, determined to keep a close eye on Ilahi and ensure she doesn’t discover that he can use money to buy love.

Ilahi reminisces about her mother and shares with Jordan that she hasn’t informed her family about her current situation. Mahi tells Jordan that she’ll be happy if he is happy, but he declares his happiness will only come from punishing Ilahi. Mahi asks Ilahi to wear the dress Jordan bought for her, emphasizing the need to match their social status. However, Ilahi declines, citing her discomfort. Jordan insists she wears it for him, suggesting it will suit the party’s theme. He gives her the option to remove the dress if she feels uncomfortable. Meanwhile, Rasika spreads gossip about Ilahi, and Grandma warmly welcomes the guests. Rasika’s parents admire the arrangements and express their desire to meet Ilahi. Biji and Ginni, accompanied by Husna, also join the gathering, with everyone inquiring about Ilahi. Mahi realizes she will face humiliation if she doesn’t attend the function. Rasika attempts to manipulate her against Ilahi, while Ilahi struggles with her discomfort in the dress. Tina warmly welcomes Ilahi, and Jordan plots his revenge, intending to humiliate her in front of everyone.

[Episode End]

Precap : Jordan will dance with Ilahi, but his intentions take a sinister turn as he deliberately causes her to stumble and fall. In a disturbing act, he then proceeds to forcibly remove the dhuppatta from her.

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