Junooniyatt 22 June 2023 Written Story Update

Junooniyatt 22 June 2023 Written Story Update On HindiTvGhar.com

The episode begins with the arrival of Jahan’s uncle at Dolly’s place. Meanwhile, Jordan and Ilahi are busy shopping for the upcoming competition. The costume designer compliments Ilahi on her dress but suggests that she needs to change her overall appearance. He shows her a video of their stage performance and mentions that while Jordan looks stylish, Ilahi needs to match his level of appeal. He suggests that she should consider cutting her hair. Ilahi hesitates, explaining that she can’t bring herself to do it. Jordan understands and assures her not to force herself into anything she’s uncomfortable with.

The stylist reminds them that they will be participating in the prestigious Great Indian Voice competition, where the judges also evaluate their costumes. Jordan tries to convince Ilahi once again, but she firmly refuses. At that moment, Jordan recalls how Jahan had asked her to promise not to cut her hair. Realizing the importance of this promise, Jordan tells Ilahi that he doesn’t want to pressure her or cause her any distress just to win the competition. Ilahi appreciates his understanding but surprises him by requesting a trim to her hair.

Meanwhile, Dolly’s brother feels guilty witnessing her current state and suggests that they all return home. However, Jahan remembers how he had previously humiliated his parents and decides not to go back with him. On the other hand, Ilahi is at the stylist’s salon, with Jordan providing her support. The stylist suggests they proceed with a manicure and pedicure. Jordan excuses himself to make a phone call, subtly signaling to the stylist to cut Ilahi’s hair. As he trims her hair short, Ilahi is taken aback by the sudden change in her appearance. She questions how they could do such a thing without her consent. Jordan believes that he won’t allow anything that Jahan likes to stay with her.

Upset with the stylist, Ilahi argues with them for cutting her hair without her approval. The stylist insists that the new hairstyle suits her well. Ilahi directs her complaints towards Jordan, blaming him for allowing her hair to be trimmed. Jordan pretends to argue with the stylist to pacify Ilahi. Feeling distressed, Ilahi gathers her cut hair and swiftly leaves the salon. Jordan privately appreciates the stylist’s efforts. Ilahi departs from the area in an auto-rickshaw, still overwhelmed by the sudden change to her appearance.

Ilahi arrived at the familiar spot where she used to meet Jahan. Overwhelmed with emotions, she questioned why he had left her all alone. She felt lost and uncertain about her life. Tears streamed down her face as she pondered her current state. Suddenly, she noticed Jahan’s presence. Curious, he asked her name. She revealed it, and Jahan assured her that regardless of whether she cut her hair or not, she would always remain the same. She was still his beloved Ilahi. His words served as motivation for her, and a smile spread across her face. With a sense of determination, she threw her hair into the river, symbolizing a fresh start. However, as she gazed at the water, Jahan’s reflection mysteriously vanished.Meanwhile, Jahan sought solace in prayer at a gurudwara, reminiscing about the humiliations he had endured in India. He felt that many things had been unjustly taken away from him, compelling him to fight back against those who had wronged him.Back at her house, Ilahi’s emotions overwhelmed her as she returned home. Memories of her time spent with Amardeep and Diljhot flooded her mind. Ginni, taken aback by Ilahi’s presence and her new short hair, questioned her identity. Biji and Happy were equally surprised by her appearance. Biji mocked her for trimming her hair, recalling how she used to cry when they suggested the idea. However, Ilahi embraced Amardeep with joy, who noticed her shortened locks. Biji commented that Ilahi had cut her hair after marrying into a wealthy family. Ilahi attempted to explain her circumstances, but Amardeep intervened, proclaiming her beauty with her new hairstyle. Jordan arrived at the scene, and Amardeep decided to introduce him to Ilahi. Grateful for his presence, Ilahi expressed her appreciation, and Amardeep assured her that he would do anything to ensure her happiness.Amardeep warmly welcomed Ilahi and Jordan into his home, where Ginni and Biji served them snacks. Amardeep presented them with a gift, and Lucky complimented Ilahi’s transformed appearance. Ilahi informed Lucky about the upcoming final round of the competition and expressed her hope that he would attend. He reassured her, acknowledging the significance of the day in her life. As a gesture of affection, he handed her a cotton candy. Lost in her thoughts, Ilahi imagined Jahan’s presence once again, causing Jordan to become frustrated by the sight.

[Episode End]

Precap : Jahan expresses a desire to meet Ilahi, but unfortunately, a misunderstanding occurs when Jordan mistakenly snatches Ilahi’s phone, shouting at her, mistaking her for Jahan. Ilahi reacts strongly, lashing out at Jordan for taking advantage of the situation.

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