Junooniyatt 29 June 2023 Written Story Update

Junooniyatt 29 June 2023 Written Story Update On HindiTvGhar.com

The Episode Starts With Jahan reaching out to Dharmendra. However, Dharmendra’s response is filled with anger as he berates Jahan for ruining Ilahi’s life. He accuses Jahan of destroying her happiness and leaving her all alone. Jahan pleads with him to listen to his side of the story, explaining that Jordan is a cunning individual. Dharmendra engages in a heated argument, expressing his discontent with Jahan’s actions and emphasizing that he shouldn’t interfere and jeopardize Ilahi’s life since she is content with Jordan. He firmly requests Jahan to refrain from contacting him again. Dharmendra ponders whether Ilahi is genuinely happy with Jordan or not.

Meanwhile, Ilahi assists Grandma, engaging in acts of kindness. Tina reads the comments on Ilahi’s fan page and discovers Jahan’s remarks, which deeply affect her emotionally. Ilahi reminisces about Jahan’s words, realizing that he is the “balcony singer” who commented on her post. She contemplates the need for answers to her lingering questions: Why did Jahan abandon her? At times, she questions the relevance of seeking those answers, considering her current relationship status. She feels devoid of any rights to approach him, experiencing a wave of emotions.

On the other side, Jahan anxiously waits for Ilahi’s message, knowing that she still occupies a special place in his heart. He fervently hopes to avoid causing her any further distress and desires only to see her happy.

Later on, Ilahi confronts Jordan, inquiring why he arranged the sudden party. Jordan explains that he wanted to celebrate their triumph together. If Ilahi isn’t comfortable with it, he suggests leaving. However, Ilahi intervenes, stopping him from doing so.

The waiter complimented Ilahi’s voice, but Jordan urged him to focus on his work. Jordan revealed that he had planned a surprise for Ilahi, and she was pleasantly surprised to see her favorite dishes before her. Curious, she asked him how he knew about her preferences, to which Jordan replied that as her husband, he naturally knew her favorite dishes. He had asked Amardeep for the information. Jordan served the food to Ilahi, who praised its delicious taste.

During this moment, Jordan recalled Mahi’s advice on handling Ilahi and mentioned that he had spoken with Mahi. According to Jordan, the management was considering signing a contract with him exclusively. Ilahi, thinking he was joking, asked how Mahi found out about it. Jordan clarified that Mahi already had a contract with the management, though he wasn’t completely sure about the details. However, he had refused to sign it because he believed he couldn’t do so without Ilahi. Since they had won the competition together, it was necessary for him to sign with her. Ilahi questioned whether he had turned down the contract for her, and Jordan nodded, expressing his desire to work as a team. He wondered if the contract had reached her and asked what her decision would be. Jordan claimed to already know the answer, believing that she wouldn’t accept it.

Ilahi contemplated going to the Great Indian Competition office the following day, unsure of what would happen there. She recalled Jordan’s words and thought back to the advice she had taken to heart from the character Shiva in the Shiv Shakthi serial. Shiva had advised her to focus on her efforts rather than the results. Ilahi believed that God would guide her toward a new path.

Meanwhile, Jahan found employment at a restaurant, where Seerat secretly recorded videos of him. Jahan noticed her presence and questioned her intentions. He took her phone away and scolded her for filming him without permission. Seerat explained that she wanted to edit the video and upload it to social media, believing that Jahan would gain more fans than his girlfriend. However, Jahan expressed disinterest in social media, emphasizing that his sole purpose was to help his parents. Seerat encouraged him to pursue his parents’ dreams and even gifted him a guitar, urging him not to waste his talent.

[Episode End]

Precap : Amardeep will insist that Ilahi signs the contract.

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