Junooniyatt 31 May 2023 Written Story Update

Junooniyatt 31 May 2023 Written Story Update On HindiTvGhar.com

The episode commences with Jordan attempting to run over Jahan using his jeep. However, Mahi intervenes and gives him a stern glare. Amardeep distributes sweets to everyone and announces that Ilahi’s wedding has been finalized. Biji questions the feasibility of arranging everything within three days. Amardeep assures her that he has made arrangements and managed the finances for the wedding. He plans to conduct the wedding at Ilahi’s parents’ house. Ilahi becomes overwhelmed with emotions and embraces Amardeep.

Mahi confronts Jordan, questioning his sanity and how he could attempt to harm Jahan. Jordan expresses his determination to eliminate Jahan and bring Ilahi back. In response, Mahi slaps him and firmly states that he won’t regain Ilahi’s love if he resorts to violence. Instead, he would end up in jail, and she would despise him for taking the life of her beloved. She refuses to be his partner in the competition and warns him that he would be disqualified. Mahi asserts that he is acting independently and not trusting her. She cautions that if his father finds out, he would confine him to his room. Jordan apologizes and explains that he desperately needs Ilahi. Mahi assures him that she will accompany the wedding procession to Ilahi’s house, where he will marry her. Jordan must maintain the façade of happiness for their sake.

Dolly informs Baljeet that they lack the funds necessary to book the ticket. If she had been present, she would have assisted them no matter the cost. In the meantime, Ilahi reveals to Diljhot that she is planning to get married, but unfortunately, she is not in her mother’s company. It seems that she is not destined to receive her mother’s love. Husna comforts her and offers to take her back home after winning the competition. Meanwhile, Jordan engages in a conversation with a picture of Ilahi. He expresses his intention to make her his within three days and marry her. Dharmendra updates Amardeep that they were unable to secure a wedding venue as everything was already booked. Ilahi questions the necessity of such grand arrangements and suggests a simple ceremony at the Gurudwara. Jordan overhears their conversation and recalls his mother’s advice. He promptly contacts his friends to reserve the wedding hall. Dharmendra suggests booking a generator, but Ginni expresses concerns about the high cost. To their surprise, Jordan arrives with a generator, explaining that he overheard their discussion and took care of it for them. Amardeep appreciates Jordan for solving their problem, to which Jordan responds by stating that they are his friends, and he is happy to assist. Jordan pretends to congratulate Jahan by embracing him, and Jahan reciprocates the gesture. Ginni and Biji commend Jordan for his helpfulness. Later, Mahi receives a call from the detective who informs her that he has sent the details to her via email.

Mahi anxiously awaits the printout while the peon informs her about the minister’s imminent arrival. After she leaves, Mehtha enters the room and notices that she has left her phone behind in her cabin. As the printer produces the picture, Jordan samples the sweets and compliments their taste. Intrigued, Jahan inquires about his remark. Jordan expresses his pleasure at enjoying the sweets at his friend’s wedding and questions if Jahan feels insecure seeing him there. He wonders if Jahan lacks trust in his love and Ilahi. Jahan cleverly retorts to Jordan, asserting that he has no power over Mahi when Ilahi is by her side. Meanwhile, Mahi intervenes, preventing Mehtha from inspecting the picture, and successfully manages to divert his attention.

Shocked to discover that Jahan is Baljeet’s son, Mahi’s past memories come rushing back. Later, Jordan deliberately annoys Jahan, who happens to be his brother and the rightful heir to Mehtha’s family. Jahan has returned with the intention of disrupting their happiness, but Mahi is determined not to let that happen. Subsequently, Jahan offers assistance to Amardeep, but his offer is declined. Amardeep requests him to call him “Dad,” hoping it would bring him joy. Husna notices that Jahan appears lost in thought. Jahan confides in Husna, expressing his suspicion that something fishy is going on. He urges Husna to prevent Jordan from approaching Ilahi. Acting swiftly, Husna leads Ilahi away from the scene. Jordan believes that he cannot be stopped from proceeding with the wedding. Later, Jahan informs Ginni that he will book a cab. Lucky reveals that someone has gifted her a car, but Ilahi suggests it might belong to someone else. Jordan confidently claims that the car is hers.

[Episode End]

Precap : Ilahi and Jahan are in charge of the wedding shopping. Jahan takes the responsibility of selecting a beautiful lehenga for Ilahi. However, when Jahan checks the price tag, Ilahi decides to reject it. Noticing this, Jordan steps in and decides to purchase the dress for Ilahi. Jahan observes Jordan’s gesture and takes the opportunity to inform Ilahi about something concerning: Jordan is deeply infatuated with her. He harbors strong feelings and is willing to go to great lengths to have her in his life.

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