Junooniyatt 21 June 2023 Written Story Update

Junooniyatt 21 June 2023 Written Story Update On HindiTvGhar.com

The Episode Starts with Chef revealing to everyone that Ilahi was the one who cooked the pasta, deserving all the praise. Grandpa expresses his admiration for her culinary skills, while Tina declares herself a fan of Ilahi’s cooking. A guest comments that Jordan is lucky to have Ilahi as his wife, acknowledging her incredible talent and beauty. Grandma adds that her kitchen is now complete and presents Ilahi with a gift. Baljeet presents Dolly with a bouquet, mentioning that it consists of her favorite flowers. Dolly assures him that she will cook Jahan’s favorite food once he returns, and just then, Jahan arrives. Jahan asks Baljeet not to cry in front of him and promises to cook food for him instead. Overwhelmed, Jahan breaks down in tears in the kitchen, only to discover that there are no groceries left. He checks his purse and realizes he has only a small amount of money with him. Jahan heads out to buy the necessary items.

As Jahan steps out, Seerat approaches him and complains that he didn’t greet her. Jahan inquires about her presence, to which Seerat responds by saying that she brought the groceries for him. Jahan questions why she brought everything and insists he can manage it himself. Seerat retorts, asking him why he is ordering her around and why she should listen to him. She states that it was her mother’s instruction. Jahan expresses his gratitude and assures her that he can handle it.

Curious about Seerat’s activities, Jahan asks her what she is doing. Seerat begins arranging the items in the kitchen and Jahan thanks her for taking care of his parents. Seerat advises him to show his happiness to Dolly so that she can feel better soon. Jahan responds that he will smile when he genuinely feels happy. In the midst of their conversation, their hands accidentally touch, causing curry to spill. Seerat confronts Jahan, expressing her dissatisfaction with his lack of appreciation for her efforts and complaining about him. Frustrated, Jahan promises to make tea for her. In a flashback, Jahan recalls a time when he made tea in the worst possible way but is stopped by Ilahi. She assists him in preparing a better cup of tea, which he tastes and appreciates, noting her ability to handle difficult situations. Jahan returns to the present and Seerat presents him with a special Paratha from Punjab. As Jahan gazes at it, memories of Ilahi flood his mind. Seerat encourages him to eat it before it gets cold, but Jahan refuses, stating that he used to enjoy it before but not anymore. Baljeet intervenes, advising Seerat not to follow Jahan’s lead.

The guest compliments Ilahi on her beautiful voice, predicting that both Jordan and Ilahi will emerge victorious in the competition. The guest believes that no one can surpass their perfect partnership. Jordan suspects that Ilahi might be contemplating Jahan. Later, Baljeet brings food for Jahan and expresses his concern for Dolly. Baljeet suggests that if Jahan speaks with Ilahi, he will feel better. He encourages Jahan to make a video call to her. Overwhelmed with emotion, Jahan embraces Baljeet and tears stream down his face. Jahan apologizes for lying to him and confesses that Ilahi married Jordan before leaving India. He proceeds to recount the events that unfolded. Meanwhile, Rasika informs everyone that Ilahi has not yet chosen Jordan as her partner for the Great Indian Competition. Jordan recollects the way Ilahi had slapped him. Curious, the guest asks if Ilahi chose Jahan instead, highlighting Jahan’s talent as a great singer. Ilahi reminisces about Jahan’s proposal to her. Baljeet questions why Jahan didn’t inform him, expressing that Jahan could have stayed there instead of coming to their current location. Jahan insists that Ilahi should have told him. Baljeet expresses his unhappiness, blaming their fate for his lack of joy. He accuses them of scheming to separate him from his family and preventing their return. They concealed the truth from him, asserting it as their predetermined destiny. Baljeet apologizes for taking away everything from Jahan, including Ilahi, his happiness, rights, and his passion. Jahan reassures Baljeet that his parents mean everything to him.

Rasika suggests that Ilahi and Jordan perform a song for everyone. Mahi smirks at them. Ilahi sings, reminiscing about her moments with Jahan, while the guests watch. Jordan follows with his own song. Lost in thoughts of Ilahi, Jahan sings a heartfelt melody dedicated to his father. The audience expresses their admiration for Ilahi. Curiosity piqued, the guest asks Ilahi about her partner for the final round. Ilahi hesitates to answer, and Jordan urges her not to feel pressured. Ilahi reflects on the past and announces that she will sing with Jordan. Applause erupts from the audience. Jahan confides in Baljeet, stating that although Baljeet took away his happiness, he won’t allow them to rob him of his dreams. He vows to return to India, make them face the consequences of their actions, and triumph in the competition. Jahan embraces Baljeet in determination.

[Episode End]

Precap : Jordan believes that he will eliminate all the aspects of herself that Jahan appreciates.

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