Junooniyatt 14 June 2023 Written Story Update

Junooniyatt 14 June 2023 Written Story Update On HindiTvGhar.com

The Episode Starts with Jordan contemplating the burden of responsibility he carries for Ilahi. His family takes Bharat (Ilahi’s entrance). Biji warmly welcomes them. Jahan, filled with prayers for his parents, speculates that Ilahi may be searching for him. Meanwhile, Ilahi arrives at the mandap (wedding altar). Jordan and Ilahi exchange garlands, yet Ilahi envisions Jahan standing in Jordan’s place, which brings her to tears. While everyone else is joyful, Ilahi’s happiness is conspicuously absent. Jahan becomes emotional as memories of moments spent with Ilahi flood his mind. Jordan believes he has done everything driven by his passion (junoon) for Ilahi, successfully persuading her to agree to this wedding. Jordan and Ilahi participate in the wedding rituals. In the midst of this, Jahan attempts to call Ilahi but becomes frustrated when she doesn’t answer. He tries contacting Dharmendar, but his call goes unanswered as well. The same happens when he calls Husna. He grows suspicious about why no one is answering his calls. Jordan and Ilahi complete their pheras (circumambulation around the sacred fire) together, leading Amardeep to feel overwhelmed with emotion.

Later, Jahan accidentally collides with a stranger, just as Jordan and Ilahi’s gathbandhan (ceremonial knot) is on the verge of coming undone. Jordan swiftly holds it in place, preventing any mishap. Mahi, attentive to Ilahi’s well-being, intervenes to ensure she doesn’t stumble. Jahan notices the bracelet he once gifted Ilahi and becomes emotionally stirred. Jordan re-ties the gathbandhan, while Mahi pretends to affectionately caress Ilahi’s face. The priest then asks Amardeep to perform the kanyadan (ritual of giving away the bride) for Ilahi. Overcome with emotion, Amardeep fulfills the ritual, always praying for Ilahi’s happiness. Next, the priest instructs Jordan to adorn Ilahi with the nuptial chain. Tenderly, he places the nuptial chain around her neck. Jordan applies vermilion to Ilahi’s hairline, signifying their marital bond. The priest formally announces the completion of the wedding ceremony, declaring them husband and wife. The crowd erupts in applause to celebrate the union. Lucky implores Ilahi not to leave, as he can’t play alone. Biji offers Ilahi advice, urging her to care for everyone in her new family. Ilahi embraces Amardeep tightly, shedding tears. Amardeep requests her apology, understanding the pain she is experiencing. He believes this decision is best for everyone, and his heartbreak becomes evident. Ilahi envisions Jahan’s presence in that moment. Husna prompts her to proceed with the bidai rituals (departure from her parental home). Lucky asks for an explanation of the rituals, and Biji reminds Ilahi that she shouldn’t have followed her mother’s advice, cautioning her that even minor mistakes can tarnish her father’s reputation.

Amardeep’s emotions overwhelmed him as he implored Jordan to forgive Ilahi for any mistakes she might make. In response, Jordan reassured Amardeep that he would take care of Ilahi. The farewell ceremony for Ilahi concluded, and she departed from there. Later, Mahi instructed Ilahi to kick the rice pot and perform her Grahpravesh ritual. As Ilahi carried out the action, memories of Jahan flooded her mind. She even went so far as to lick the rice pot, a gesture suggested by Grandma to symbolize the entry of Lakshmi, the goddess of wealth. Meanwhile, Jordan, plagued by past humiliations, viewed the unfolding events with a sense of foreboding, thinking of it as a descent into hell. Fueled by his resentment, he set fire to the mat, leaving Ilahi shocked by his action. Varun’s wife regarded this act as a bad omen, but Jordan, carrying Ilahi in his arms, reassured her that she would be safe by his side, promising to protect her. He concluded the rituals by walking over the fire, and Grandma checked on Ilahi’s well-being. Mahi urged them to expedite the remaining rituals. Subsequently, a ring-finding ceremony took place, during which Jordan noticed the bracelet on Ilahi’s hand, suspecting that Jahan had given it to her. Determined to make her forget Jahan, he resolved to inflict pain upon her. The milk served to everyone raised eyebrows when it was discovered to be tainted with red color, and it became evident that Ilahi’s hand was bleeding. Mahi called for a first aid box, while Varun’s wife considered it an ill omen. Grandma dismissed such notions, and Jordan promptly attended to Ilahi’s wound. Mahi took pleasure in their predicament and urged them to conclude the rituals quickly.

Mahi instructed Tina to escort Ilahi to her room, which left Ilahi astonished by the room’s lavish decorations. Varun’s wife taunted Ilahi, suggesting that her current wardrobe was inadequate for someone like Jordan. Overwhelmed by memories of Jahan, Ilahi couldn’t hold back her tears. Later, Amardeep confided his sorrow to Biji, expressing his concerns about Ilahi entering a wealthy family. He questioned whether he had made any mistakes, but Biji reassured him that Jordan was a good person. Frustration consumed Amardeep as he thought about Jahan, feeling betrayed by his actions and how he manipulated Ilahi’s life for the sake of revenge. He vowed not to spare Jahan if he ever came face-to-face with him again. The police delivered Jahan’s belongings to him and his parents, revealing that the accident had been a hit-and-run case, with the driver apprehended. Jahan pondered whether Ilahi had tried to reach out to his parents. In the meantime, Ilahi heard the sound of a flute and desperately searched for Jahan. Biji offered advice and solace to Amardeep in his troubled state.

Ilahi informed Jordan that Jahan had arrived as she heard the enchanting melodies of a flute. However, Jordan corrected her, stating that Jahan was no longer present as he had already departed. Ilahi, being married to Jordan and his wife, expressed her apologies. Jordan empathized with her, acknowledging the difficulty of forgetting one’s first love. In an attempt to surprise her, he presented a picture to Ilahi, which greatly surprised her. He had placed the photo in her room, symbolizing their connection. As they stumbled and fell onto the bed, he pretended to ensure her comfort while subtly provoking her against Jahan.

Meanwhile, other family members engaged in a discussion concerning Ilahi. Jordan overheard their conversation and contemplated keeping Ilahi in the dark about it. Grateful to Mahi for introducing Ilahi into his life, Jordan thanked her. However, he also asserted his desire to control Ilahi’s life and expressed his intention to punish her for choosing Jahan over him. He refused to forgive her, believing that she had tarnished his reputation, and vowed to make her life a living hell. Ilahi became apprehensive about the looming darkness that awaited her.

[Episode End]

Precap : Mahi will insist that Jordan wears the dress of her choice. As he puts it on, he will calmly inform her that Ilahi is destined to face the consequences of her actions.

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