Junooniyatt 07 June 2023 Written Story Update

Junooniyatt 07 June 2023 Written Story Update On HindiTvGhar.com

The episode begins with Husna pleading with Ilahi to open the door as she needs to perform the rasam. Ilahi expresses concern to Jahan, stating that if he tries to escape through the window, he will surely be caught. Ginni eventually opens the door and discovers Ilahi sitting inside. Ilahi lies to her, claiming that she felt tired and needed to rest. She mentions that she couldn’t bathe properly as there was still haldi (turmeric) on her cheek, reminiscing about how Jahan had applied it. Husna notices Ilahi sitting on Jahan and assumes that she is using him as a makeshift chair or table. Dharmendra arrives at the scene and offers to perform the rasam on behalf of his uncle. Husna suggests conducting the rasam in front of everyone, a suggestion that Biji agrees with, and they leave together. Husna playfully teases Jahan, while upstairs, Jahan admires Ilahi. Despite Ilahi’s request for him to leave, Jahan stays there. They both believe that their dreams are about to come true.

Husna assists Ilahi in getting ready and compliments her beauty, predicting that Jahan’s heart will skip a beat when he sees her. Ilahi imagines her mother and expresses her longing for her. Husna assures her that she can bring her mother back once she wins the competition, reminding her that she has two mothers and advising her to enjoy the wedding instead of crying. Later, someone mentions Jordan, causing Jahan to worry about him. Dharmendra suggests that they can quickly bail him out since he is wealthy. Jordan ponders what Mahi is planning and feels uncertain. Meanwhile, Ilahi’s wedding is in progress, and he kicks a door out of frustration. Jahan attempts to contact his parents but informs Dharmendra that he is unable to reach them.

Dharmendra informs him that the flight has landed and they called him, reassuring that there is nothing to worry about. Jahan expresses gratitude for Dharmendra’s assistance, to which Dharmendra, considering himself a brother, kindly insists on not needing thanks and instead asks for an apology. Meanwhile, Biji contacts Mahi, who inquires if everything is prepared.

Biji confirms that everything is ready, but questions the whereabouts of the actual groom, stating that Barath is about to arrive. Mahi explains that the real groom will arrive in a luxurious car, assuring that the plan will proceed accordingly. Jahan will make his entrance on a horse. Ilahi gazes at him and discreetly hides from his sight, leading Jahan to suspect that she might be avoiding him. Jordan watches a video and becomes frustrated, collapsing on the floor. The inspector rushes to his side and observes his loss of consciousness, realizing that Mehtha will not spare him if something happens to Jordan. Urgently, the inspector requests water.

Later, Jahan arrives at the mandap, and relatives escort Ilahi to join him. Jahan is captivated by her beauty, and they exchange stolen glances. Jahan praises her beauty, believing that he would rather die than let go of her hand. He extends his hand towards her, but Mahi forcefully pushes it away and slaps him.

Mahi glares at Jahan, while Biji and Ginni smile in approval. Amardeep questions her audacity to slap him. Mahi accuses Jahan of sending Jordan to jail and still being prepared to marry. Ilahi defends Jahan, asserting that he would never do such a thing. Mahi expresses her pity for Jahan, claiming that she knows his true colors and offers to expose him. She presents a video as evidence, alleging that Jahan intentionally planted drug packets in Jordan’s pocket. However, the video does not show Jahan placing the packets in Jordan’s pocket. Jahan recalls the events and attempts to explain his perspective, but Mahi remains firm. She accuses him of seeking revenge and being aware of Jordan’s love for Ilahi, prompting him to remove Jordan from Ilahi’s life. Mahi questions why he organized the car race on that specific day, reminding him of the accident that occurred. She accuses him of framing Jordan as a culprit and causing the brake failure that injured his son. Jahan denies the allegations, but Mahi persists in framing him as the culprit. Ilahi insists on hearing Jahan’s side of the story, but Mahi continues to assert that he organized the race for Ilahi’s sake. Reluctantly, Jahan admits the truth.

[Episode End]

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